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Our main focus at Horse Tipsters Review is to motivate and inspire our readers every day to back the best tipsters betting tips. To succeed in achieving our goal, our Tipsters need to instill both confidence in results and qualitative analysis. This means that our readers should experience that we write with honesty while at the same time demonstrating expertise in their subject.

We have ranked the best tipsters and here at Horse Tipsters Review, we work actively to produce the best tipsters for our readers. This means that our  Tipsters can differ when it comes to how they motivate their games and what type of game/sport they choose to run, however, the end goal is the same and that is to deliver winning tips.

If you want to follow our Tipsters results you can easily click on their profiles. When you click into a specific profile, you can access both the latest game tips and a spreadsheet. In this spreadsheet, you will find the selected Tipster’s ROI% as well as exactly how many gains and losses have been recorded.

In addition to sharing their latest gaming tips, you can also get to know each Tipster in more detail by reading our interviews. In these interviews, we get an insight into who our Tipster is outside the horse tipsters review and what characterizes them precisely when it comes to betting.

Horse Tipsters review does not guarantee winning betting tips, if you choose to back the “best tipsters” well, then you do so at your own risk.


Best tipsters - top 5

1. Tipstrr – FREE

Tipstrr LTD does not offer racing tips, on the other hand, they offer the tools for others to offer tips on their website. In practice, this means that anyone can register an account on Tipstrr and start offering tips.

Of course, there are risks, but these risks are quite easy to parry. This is because Tipstrr has a very transparent structure of statistical systems. Which means that only the absolute best tipsters pass this criterion. If you are interested in starting to post tips, then Tipstrr can be a good start.

There you can get followers and if you are among the best – even paid followers. But it is therefore required that you deliver a high return. Otherwise, there is a great chance that your account will not be noticed.

Learn more about Tipstrr’s Free Daily Tips

 2. Fan Victor

“The Ultimate Fantasy Sports plug-in adds daily, weekly, monthly, yearly Fantasy Sports functionality to any WordPress blog. Site owners can offer a professional Fantasy Sports game to their site visitors. Visitors predict the winners of upcoming sports games and earn points for each correct selection in our pick-em style games.”

They also say:

“Or in our recently added Player Draft game style, you can draft players from live games and watch yourself climbing the leader-board in real-time. Users earn points based on individual player performance. The user with the most points at the end when all the fixtures have been played is declared the winner. We also have many more game types.”

Learn more about Fan Victor

3. Betting Gods – FREE

This is our honest and transparent view of a tipster site, that is Betting gods. The question we ask ourselves, is Betting god a scam or is it actually making serious investments and a long-term return based on their best tipsters?

We will report on Betting Goods in general but also go into a bit more detail on the specific tipster services they offer. We have touched the topic a little spruce up earlier, as we have outlined some of the tipsters that Betting gods offers and therefore markets.

Learn more about Betting gods

4. The Value Machine

The Value Machine is a software and program that identifies value bet on horse racing tips.
Exactly how they find these betting tips explains them best themselves:

The Value Machine is currently closed to new members. If you would like to be kept informed when/if membership re-opens, please put your name and email address in the box below.

As a thank you for registering,  I’ll send you a completely free horse racing system I’ve developed called The New All Weather Favourites System

Read more about The Value Machine


5. Odds Worth Betting

Odds Worth Betting Company Review

This never before released secret weapon means you now have an unfiltered view of every major handicapper’s picks. This isn’t some out of date website. We’re talking about bleeding-edge stuff here. With a few clicks of your mouse… you’re now able to look over our shoulder as we “spy” on the industry.


“There’s no better way to learn how to bet sports professionally and rake in a fortune than follow a seasoned sports betting vet.

This is your chance to follow James’ daily handicapped and system picks. Follow a hot streak as James’ is know for throughout the industry.”

Learn more about Odds Worth Betting



We opened the gates to the betting industry in 2015 and since then it has rapidly developed into one of the country’s leading communities for betting reviews on sports and odds.

With punctual tipster reviews and tips, in both text and video form, as well as the list of the best horse racing tipsters – as well as a number of unique bonuses for your readers, together with tools to help you win, we have become the clear place in cyberspace.

Anyone with a preference for sports betting, regardless of ambition level. Precise tipster reviews and tips from experts has gathered the best experts to deliver well-founded, punctual and winning ranks over time to your readers.

In addition to the specific games, everything before the games is in focus as well as expected starting elves, odds from various markets, an odds comparison, betting statistics and odds bonuses, among other things.

Everything that might be of interest. The betting tipsters and there tips are delivered with full tracking reviews and updates every day, all year round!

With us, you will therefore find the best tipsters at all of the largest betting companies for the new, fresh start-ups.

We see the importance of only pushing and advertising credible, reliable and solid tipster reviews for our readers and you can always count on the most pleasant conditions of the players.

All tipster companies you find with us of course have a license and we follow all laws. Here you will find the best tipsters right now.



Tipster tips

Horse Tipsters review is the leading betting community and site for gaming information in sports betting. We are independent and not affiliated with any specific gaming company.

We only cooperate with the largest, best and most serious tipster companies with gaming licenses. Here at Horse Tipsters Review you will find lots of game tips and tricks every day. Everything completely free!

Here you will find thousands of tipster reviews and tips every day on both horse racing and a large number of other sports. All our reviews on tipsters are completely free for our readers to access.

The most popular tipster reviews among our readers are the tracked one and the ranked lists (as this one).

We are proud to have several of the worlds’s most popular and renowned tipster reviews and experts connected to us. They offer free tips every day with extra focus on and ahead of the most popular sports and betting events.

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