• Profit 95%
  • Time 40%
  • Price 60%
  • Risk 30%

Bet Alchemist – Paid service

This review is about Betting Alchemist, and that means: you need to grab that long-term thinking. Why? You may ask. Well, first: The odds are high, average winners of 12/1. That means you have to wait a long time for the winners. However, Bet Alchemist makes a lot of his profit on Each Way. The style is simple, the tips are sent out in the evening the day before the race. For festivals and ante-post, the tips can be sent earlierthan that. Anyway, what I learned quite rapidly was that Bet Alchemist has very many members. This means that the odds will be destroyed within a minute. So, if you choose to give Bet Alchemist a chance: be prepared to place your bet as quickly as you get the note on the phone.

What is the price for Bet Alchemist?

Right now there are three offers, these are monthly: £ 39, Quarterly £ 79 and Semi-Annual Plan at £ 150. 

Do you make profit?

Yes, and pay attention to the importance of long-term thinking now. That is, it is quite easy to make a profit for six months ahead. However, to keep the same glow systematically is very rare. There are other tipsters who have been holding on for so long – but I’ve never encountered anyone with this frequency of systematic gains. And another thing, most tipsters out there; are in one way or another anonymous. They often hide under “cool” names. This makes it easy for these tipsters to give up their “losing” accounts after 6 months and start new. That is why my confidence for Bet Alchemist is great. The dude is genuine, he shows a picture of himself with full name. And to answer the question: do you make money on the Bet alchemist? Yes, and this will be reported below:

Return of investment:  24%
Points: +94
Strike rate:  27%
Tips per month:  40-50
Price:  £39 
Time:  7 months
Profit (£25 stakes) £2350

Personal thoughts

I have personally followed Bet Alchemist for 4 years, but the tracking has only been going on for 7 months. Regardless, I am very pleased with this service. It is almost a “safe” return annually. I like the festivals – and it is even more fun to follow these events when sitting on good horses. Therefor; Bet Alchemist will always have a place in my portfolio. 

I recommend you to follow Bet Alchemist. Having an 18% return of investment over 6-7 years is, as I said, very rare and something everyone should take part in before it is too late!

Bet alchemist

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