How does Elite Betting Syndicate work?

According to the main site, Elite Betting Syndicate is marketed as an extra income system. And, yes – obviously a horse racing system. Learn more in this Elite Betting Syndicate review!

At first glance, one can get the feeling that the page is trying a little too much to sell its betting system. With formulations such as “forget losing” and more. Everyone knows that reality is different.

Honestly, this actually made me hesitate a bit.


Elite Betting Syndicate suggests that they have inside information

I’ll be honest, first glance at that statement makes me think a little about how legitimate the service is. But at the same time, the statement cannot be called into question either. If you look at the results that is. Elite Betting Syndicate is perhaps the best in the world at getting a horse with high odds.

It is an indicator that they know something that no one else knows. I mean, favourites are favourites for a reason. Most often these are backed because they are backed.

Thus, the odds fly away. And as soon as the odds begin to change in one direction, it continues so. A kind of domino effect.

But Elite Betting Syndicate seems to know what they are doing. That is why I am extra excited publishing this review. They deserve attention. They have done well so far.

Elite Betting Syndicate Review

So, let’s start with our review. As you probably already know, Elite Betting Syndicate is a horse racing system that provides tips for UK Racing.

They have been doing this for a long time, more specifically – Elite Betting Syndicate shares results back to 2016.

Before we started the review, the results that Elite Betting Syndicate reported was in fact really good.


Elite Betting Syndicate review: he managed to scrape over 400 points these years on various betting tips sites.

However, it says nothing. I mean, if you would just blindly listen to what all betting systems account for, you wouldn’t need us.

At the same time, nowadays there are more betting systems than there are reivews. So let’s assume that Elite Betting Syndicate is like any other tipster.

Thus, they have the same incentive to manipulate their data as anyone. Now I do not think that is the case.

First of all, I base this claim on the amounts of reviews available on Elite Betting Syndicate. It is an indicator that they are doing something good.

However, one should always be critical of the data that you read on websites. There are usually small manipulations. Which is a shame.

What had the point been to websites like horse tipsters review? No one at all. Well let’s continue on this review.

Do you make profit with Elite betting Syndicate?

As stated before, according to our Elite Betting Syndicate review you do make a profit. But that doesn’t mean anything really.

There are tons of tipsters out there that show big results on paper, and zero results in reality.

That’s why we keep doing our own tracking. And actually, we made some profit with Elite Betting Syndicate!

  • HTR – Return of investment: 17,54% 17,54%
  • Elite Betting Syndicate – Return of investment: 20.03% 20.03%


We managed to make some profit, and our recorded return of investment landed on 17,54%. Which differs some, like it always does.

We have learned that there’s impossible to get on the published price. Whoever the tipster is. Some days, life gets in the way and you are not quick enough.

However, the difference is quite small and acceptable. And as stated before, something we have experience from. 


Personal toughts

I like the email service and I actually like the volume of tips, where the average tips are 2 per day. I have a penchant for betting service that is restrictive in their tips.

Do not misunderstand me, everyone wants to make a profit and of course, you make more profit if the tipster in question can generate 10 tips per day with the same return.

But, it also means a bigger risk and bigger betting bank. There were few negative trends when we followed Elite Betting Syndicate – and the losses hardly felt.

The price is £ 39 per month after the trial period

I suppose these prices for betting services have become normalized. However, I would like to emphasize that I do not like this trend.

£ 39 is a lot of money for many and there are similar services with equivalent results that cost less. I wish we could return to £ 20 – £ 30 a month.

Well, I guess the market decide the price and if the service is profitable the monthly cost could be … defended.



Obviously, we think Elite Betting Syndicate deserves both our attention and that of others. It’s actually one of the most rewritten tipsters out there.

It doesn’t always mean something good. But in this case, it’s good. I don’t know how many reviews I have seen and read. Most people come to about the same conclusion.

While writing this review, reading the results of my tracking, I decided to place Elite Betting Syndicate in our list of Best Tipsters. That’s how good I think Elite Betting Syndicate is.

From place 8 to 1. You have no idea what return looks like for everyone you follow. A proper check is sometimes required. Which we do, at the same time, is a process. It usually takes a month before we do a proper check.

Learn more about the best free horse racing tips.

Obviously, Elite Betting Syndicate will be confirmed by us. Right now he is the tipster that yields the most returns, and the betting system is stable over time.

Just because Elite Betting Syndicate stays so stable over time is an extremely big factor in why we have chosen to rank him so high.

Anyone can make small profits over certain time frames. Very few can make profits through high odds. Elite Betting Syndicate is one of them.


Approved tipster

Obviously we will approve this tipster. We manged to make some profit, and Elite Betting Syndicates results shows a long term return. In other words, Elite Betting Syndicate is definitely worth following.

Elite betting SYNDICATE

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We have scanned the web for the best betting systems these recent years. All our reviews are subjective, with a desire for objectivity.


Reviwer, HTR