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BetConnect is a relatively new organization that has everything on the same platform. I’ll be honest; I’m relatively new to BetConnect. I had the honour of looking through the platform when it was released in 2018, but for some reason, I forgot about BetConnect and focused on something else. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I took up the platform again and realized that I had missed several years of exceptional betting. In short, you can say that BetConnect gathers everything in one place. That is, they collect both tipsters and have an exchange market on the same platform. It is incredibly rewarding, and through BetConnect, most people can make a profit without any significant experience in betting or matched betting.

I was going to take this opportunity and account for everything in this BetConnect Review.

How does BetConnect work?

First of all, you have to decide if you are a punter or a pro tipster. Since you are reading this BetConnect Review, I guess that you are a punter like the rest of us. This is what the first registration page looks like:

choose your account type on betconnect

So once again, I suppose that you are a Punter. So, finish the punter registration and then you’ll notice a new application area. Where you will see your account together with pro tipsters and their bets. However, the first thing you want to do now is to Push BetConnect Button:

BetConnect Push Button

When you Push the BetConnect Request button, you’ll see this button:

activated betconnect button

This means you are ready to bet with BetConnect.

Should you open a BetConnect Account?

So the question now is whether you should open a BetConnect account. Of course, it is extremely individual, but I like that everything on BetConnect is managed on the same platform. It is easier to follow their bets, your profits, and you can easily see the history and able to exclude various tipsters who are not doing their job. It is therefore easy to use Bet Connect, which is why I like it. But simplicity is not everything, of course. It doesn’t matter how simple it is. What matters is whether you make a profit – long term. Therefore, I thought to explain a little more clearly in this BetConnect Review where HTR stands on this issue.

Ideally, you as Punter can choose which pro tipsters you want to follow, and thus you do not have to pay any commission at all. That means you can choose to follow a couple of tipsters, or endlessly with tipsters. You choose. However, I would, of course, recommend that you start developing a maximum of 3-4 tipsters. It is risky to follow too many, but you probably already know that.
So, if you click to follow a tipster through Betconnect, the following will appear to you:

So now there are two options, either you accept the bet request, and you have enough money in your BetConnect account (in this case £ 14.55), and you’ll then decide if it’s worth it. Thus, there are several checks before your bets have been accepted, so you do not have to worry that someone will automatically place bets on you. Instead, I would say that you have full control over which bets are accepted. As you can see here, the bet comes from USSPORT. At a glance, you understand that USSPORT has 25.9% ROI, the form you see is perfectly okay. At the same time, he has a total of 108 bets. My rule when doing reviews is at least 300 bets. At about that time you can usually perceive the good tipsters against the bad tipsters. This is because most (myself included) can have a positive return on investment for short periods. It is about maintaining them for an extended period. But don’t worry, BetConenct has plenty of tipsters who have shown good ROI over a long time. Which makes it easy and above all, fun to use BetConnect when placing a bet.

Are you going to make money through BetConnect?

During 2020, several pro tipsters have joined BetConnect, which makes it a completely different calibre in tipsters today than it was a few years ago. That said, if you follow the right tipsters, you will make a profit with BetConnect. Just like any other tipster platform. What I am a bit disturbed about is the price for various stains. It will cost £ 10-25 only to unlock a bet. That’s a lot of money for a chance. We are used to outlining tipsters who may take £ 19 a month – and you get access to extremely high stains.
But at the same time, BetConnect holds an entirely different class than many others, which makes it worthwhile to test the program. My final words are that you should look through BetConnect and do your analysis, whether it is worth paying for, or not.

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4.5 rating

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