Best free horse racing tips

How can you find the best free horse racing tips that can give you both trustworthiness and profit?

What are the most important things you should know regarding the best free racing tipsters that have high quality and at the same time is free? Stay tuned in this review.

Is it accurate to say that you are searching for some top free horse racing tips to make you some additional money, however, don’t know which ones is the best? We might have the option to help.

Free Racing Tipsters

There are a couple treasures waiting to be discovered that have demonstrated productive over the long haul and could merit following.

There are such a large number of alternatives out there with the expectation of the best free horse racing tips, the more significant part of which aren’t generally excellent and will wind up losing you cash.

The absolute best free racing tips are in reality free, however regularly there are a few cautions which we will take a gander at in more noteworthy underneath.

We have tried many tipsters indeed presently and know which ones are great and which ones aren’t.

Free Horse Racing Tips

So beneath we examine the best free tipsters and a portion of those you are most likely best off staying aways from.

We trust this demonstrates supportive – if it’s not too much trouble drop us a line in the remarks on the off chance that you have any proposals we may have missed!

1. Tipstrr's Free Horse Racing Tips

1. Tipstrr's Free Horse Racing Tips

27,43% Return Of Investment

This is probably quite shocking, but number one on our list is Tipstrr’s free horse racing tips.

You will receive the best free horse racing tips from paid tipsters who are “in form”. 

We have calculated that the last eight months have resulted in a 27% return on investment. And it’s completely free.

They end up at number 1 on our list over the best free horse racing tips and also on the list over the best horse racing tipsters.

2. Betting God's Free Horse racing tips

2. Betting God's Free Horse racing tips

23,7% Return Of Investment

Betting Gods free horse racing tips makes it to the top as well. The reason why we rate Betting gods this high is because of the results.

We followed their free services, and we are thrilled with the performance, it’s impressive.

Betting gods is tipster site just as Tipstrr, and we can recommend you to sign up since its free. Learn more in our Betting gods review.

3. Landry Horse Racing

3. Landry Horse Racing

32.35% Return Of Investment

Since we started following Landry Horse Racing he has performed well, almost £10,000 profit the last months and might as well make it to place number 1 on our list over the best free horse racing tips!

4. It's Not A Marathon ...

4. It's Not A Marathon ...


It’s not a marathon” is almost brand-new in our portfolio – and the reason why we don’t consider him extraordinary (even though he got a high profit) is because of the risk.

Even the best free horse betting systems can collapse. 

He posts great volumes of free horse tips each day. Some losing days can be devastating. 

But likewise – the winning days can be unbelievable! Worth a shot!




Number five on our list over the best free tipsters is HCOSYNDICATE

The production is outstanding.

The last couple of months has been crushing. If  HCOSYNDICATE continues this way, he will presumably make our number one best free horse tipster very soon.

What decides the best free horse racing tips?


If you have read our reviews over the best tipsters, you might remember we used to rank the tipsters based on risk and time.

To be able to give you clear and objective results over the best free racing tipsters, we have included other reviews.

Much of the data and tipsters presented here are based on some other portfolios we have recently shown.

With this approach, we hope that you will find the absolute best free racing tips. We have reviews on some of the services, if you wish to learn more – read them!

But – to be able to explain and show our ideas about the best free horse racing tips, we have chosen to be as open as possible. 

Therefore, we have conferred our classifications together with our measurement methods.


The best free tipsters changes over time

It means, in short, that those who are in the first place can end up in the second place. It depends on their production and form.

Just like our other lists, this is a way to give such an objectionable image as possible.

So those who are the best today do not necessarily have to be the best next week.

We are continually adjusting ourselves and therefore assume that such an objective and the transparent image is possible.

Also – even though we have been working to find the best free horse racing tips for a long time, it does not mean that we have gone through all the free tipsters available.

The market is exploding every day, new names are emerging, and there is nothing that will last forever in this industry.

That is why we attach great importance to continually updating our postage based on what the market and in particular the form says.


Best Free Racing Tipsters

This list is individual, and our experience over the best free racing tipsters does not certainly mean they will be here forever.

It suggests that this table covering the best free racing tipsters will be updated based on their returns.

We are highly skilled at recognising free betting systems and tipsters, and there is no purpose for them to rank high on this sheet if they don’t produce winners.

However, the best free horse racing tips are part of what we call our free portfolio. It merely means we rely on these tipsters to make money sports betting. 

Spent ages finding the best free racing tipsters

We have filled many years obtaining the best free tipsters and here are the results. 

Some of the free tipsters that are on the table are more experienced than others, of course.

And, some of the free tipsters use twitter as a platform & some email service.

Mixed, these free tipsters are the most reliable, and the most prosperous free horse racing tips that we have come around, yet. 

Their production various. The results are calculated on top free horse racing tips.

So the number of placing is therefore determined by the points that the tipster is suggesting. 

The best free racing tipsters can vary in this perspective, which means some free tipsters are suggesting a lot of points.

It usually means more risk. 

However, there’s only a risk when those high points bets are lost. Right?


We have developed distinct models to measure these different types of free services. If you have different or perhaps more knowledge, share it with us!
Or do you believe our analyses are wrong? Maybe you believe your measures are more justified – share your expertise under the comment section!


Reviewer, HTR