SBTipsters is a great betting platform that offers a variety of soccer betting tips. We will, therefore, devote ourselves to doing a relatively general and more detailed review here. We will update this SBTipsters review in some months. However, the website is new, and the active tipsters haven’t produced enough tips so we can make a valuable review of the service.

This review is based on our experience of SBTipsters and various tipsters they are offering right now. However, there will be no results reported in the review since we have no results to show yet. And the reason is simple – there are not enough betting tips for us to make a valuable report on (yet). So, once again, this SBTipsters review will be general about the site and what you can expect to see when you sign up with them.

The first thing you encounter when logging into is a well-made website with a variety of options. They have menus for the most part, like Today’s tips that outline various tips that apply to that specific day. Today’s tips are also free, but the supply is not huge. Further, under Today’s tips tab on SBTipsters, you will find tips from “Seniors,” “Premium,” “Bundle,” and then the results for these tips.

Four different categories of tipsters on SBTipsters

At SBTipsters, you will find four different categories that account for different grades of tipsters. You will find all types of tipsters. Under these categories, you will find statistics for the best tipsters of the month and the week. Also, there is an informative leaderboard that summarizes those who deliver the best on SBTipsters.

picture of the active members on

As you can see, the return on investment is extremely high. But at the same time, the volume of betting tips is very low. SBTipsters is an excellent tipping site, and this means that various tipsters who are active on the website are equally new.

The results and, in particular, the return of investment reported on SBTipsters should, therefore, be taken with a pinch of salt. I thought the site was interesting, and I will follow some tipsters and then outline more specific results.

SBTipsters has LiveScore

This is something relatively unique for a tipster platform. As previously mentioned, SBTipsters has a well-designed and above all informative website that is both easy-to-navigate and easy to use.

During Live scores, you will, of course, find different matches that are in play right now, but also completed events with a little more information and upcoming games. You can also navigate to various odds for the events. Again, very neat by SBTipsters.

Finally, I want to say that it will be interesting to follow SBTipsters. So whether they will deliver returns or not remains to be seen. The website is, as mentioned earlier, very new. But my first impression is that SBTipsters is a well-made and reliable site.

It will be exciting to follow SBTipsters and see which of these new tipsters will be the best. I can recommend you to sign up for SBTipsters and check out the page.

If you have your own experience or feedback of any kind, don’t forget to share it! It is always instructive to hear your opinions and experiences of tipster services doing reviews on.

2.0 rating

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