How To Bet On Horses – And Win!

Do you want to learn how to bet on horses, and win? We have made a summary of valuable tips regarding how anyone can learn to bet on racehorses. Whether you are looking to find the horse racing best bets or just a racing tipster – reading our review might be the best way to bet on horses!

Professional horse racing gamblers, numerous other factors can impact betting and the profit that comes with it. Fortunately, there are lots of manageable actions you can practice to enhance advantage, fast and efficiently.

Who are we?

We are Horse tipsters review. What we do is that we create reports on various tipsters. We have lots of experience regarding horse racing, and the tips we will include in this guide are coming from that experience. Whether you want to learn how to bet on horses or follow professional tipsters, we strive to give you the tools to get you started. 

5 Things you should know if you want to bet on horses

Find The Right Bookmaker

If you live in the UK, you probably already have an account with BetVictor. No bookie in the world can compete with them. The best thing with this bookie is the odds and the range of horse racing events. We made lots of test regarding horse racing betting sites, and BetVictor are number one.

To use an online horse betting site is a type of activity that challenges you to catch the best horse racing bets. It increases your chances of making a profit and declines the risk of losing your hard-earned money.

However, if you want to take advantage of the odds and learn how the pros bet on horses, you need lots of different bookmakers. Then you might want to use programs and websites that compare odds. With that approach, you’ll find the best odds for every horse racing event. Even though the odds won’t differ that much, in the long run, you earn. 

Copy Bet from professional tipsters

If you are new to horse racing and want to make money from it, I suggest you take a look at the best tipsters first. There are a million ways how to bet on horses, and copying bets from professional tipsters might be an option. In my experience, this has been the best way to bet on horse racing. The reason is that these tipsters are fully dedicated to providing profitable horse racing tips. As they get paid from subscriptions, most of them can devote their full time to analyze horse racing. 

Platforms I can recommend

The best platform for copying bets from professional tipsters, in my opinion, is Tipstrr. The site is an excellent platform if you want to learn how to bet on horses. Since they got both free and paid services. 

You can also choose to follow their free tips of the day, which means you will get racing tips from their best performing tipsters. We have calculated the free bets, and the last eight months have resulted in a 27% return on investment. 

They also got lots of paid tipsters. These tipsters are of high calibre, and many of them have been a part of our betting portfolio for quite some time now. Also, the website is easy to navigate through, and you’ll find the best ways to bet on horses in no time. 

Another platform for tipsters is Betting Gods. We did lots of tipster reviews on their tipsters, and unfortunately, all of their tipsters are paid ones. 

However, if you are serious about making money by following tipsters, you might have to pay for them. The good thing is that the subscription cost is not that high. 

Horse betting is a broad sport that attracts a large audience, fully comparable to both football and ice hockey. Every day of the year, except Christmas and New Year, there are competitions.


The goal of becoming a winner on horse betting is to prepare very carefully. To read so much about horse betting you ever come across, that is following the professional gamblers horse racing, which will help you find the horse racing best bets and therefore discover the best way to bet on horses.

Do not settle for the free programs. To be successful regarding horse betting is more complicated. To be able to beat the bookies and learn how to bet on horses like a professional takes time. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself. Read everything you come across. 

Interact with Professional Tipsters

Most of the tipsters out there are happy to interact with you. Share some thoughts, experience and discuss horse racing. If you interact with a genuine horse racing tipster, the person is likely to be interested in racing. Show interested in his picks, ask questions about why he thinks that specific horse might have value. By doing this, you’ll get a better perspective on how to bet on horses.

And remember, finding friends is always right. There are exclusive racing tips forums out there. By friending a professional tipster and interact, your chances of joining these groups will increase. Tipsters regularly share their tips with other tipsters. 

Study horse betting

Hopefully, you have now created an account with Tipstrr and started to look around for racing tipsters. You might even be following some of them. If that’s the case, good.

Now, how do you study horse racing? The short answer is – research. If you have followed steps 1 and 2, you should be able to interact with a professional tipster. Look at his bets, judge them. 


Let’s say tipster A has betted on horse X; then, you need to make your own analysis about the race. Now is a good time for the interaction. Ask the professional tipster about his thoughts about the particular horse. I’m sure he be glad to share it with you. There are lots of websites out there that can help you find statistics and form about horses. These sites are usually good to have, but you should not rely entirely on them – if you want to bet on horses. 

Once you decide which horses you think will start with a chance of winning, you can begin to fingering other horse betting experts’ opinions. Pay attention here, as their analysis will help you generalize this particular horse bet to other racing events and horses. 

Winning Percentage

The most valuable variable regarding horse racing bets is the winning percentage. And to understand the winning rate is essential if you want to bet on horses. This is the reason:

The victory percentage is also a crucial detail if you’re going to learn how to bet on horses. Horses with a tremendous victory percentage are always worth taking on. Some horses have a tough time winning races.

They keep up with the pace but have a tough time getting their nose first across the line. Horses of this type tend to have a lousy win percentage.

Long term think

The most significant difference from a punter that bets on horses versus a punter betting on football are the seasons and severe months of losing. A football punter will have a more balanced experience regarding winning and losing. The typical racing punter will have long periods of losing, and some magnific weeks of winning. Therefore, if you are serious about becoming a good racing tipper – you will need to think long term. 

bet on horses sometimes means following a tipster, logo

Don’t panic if you have some losing months; everyone has them. It doesn’t matter. What matters is to think 3-4 months ahead—even years. If you want to learn how to bet on horses, you need to think about racing bets as investments. Micro investments. Which, naturally, means you will lose some, but in the end, you’ll make a profit. 


Create an account on Tipstrr; start to follow some tipsters. There are lots of free alternatives, choose them if you don’t want to spend money on racing tips. Let them know you follow them, that is, interact with them. Find the tipsters on Twitter or wherever they are visible. Talk to them and ask them about their opinions regarding their selections. You will receive valuable information on how they bet on horses, which will help you learn how you can bet on horses. 

Finally, after you have started to understand how the professional tipster thinks and how they reason – you can begin to bet on horses.