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Tipstrr is a tipster website that offers both free and paid tipster services. We have created a summary, foremost regarding the horse tipsters on Tipstrr in this review. However, Tipstrr offers all kinds of sports. You can read other Tipstrr reviews if you want to learn more about football or basketball. In this Tipstrr review, you’ll learn about the racing tips.

Tipstrr Review with Tracking

How can you find a transparent Tipstrr Review that can keep both objectivity and trustworthiness? And where to go if you want free racing tips? Tipstrr might be the solution. What are the most important things you should know regarding horse racing tips for today that have high quality and at the same time is free? Stay tuned in this tipstrr review.

Review on Tipstrr

Tipstrr is a betting platform where you can find racing tips from professional tipsters. The most popular tipster services are horse tipsters. We have reviews on some of them, most of them rank high over the best free horse racing tips!

However, Tipstrr is a gathering place for all types of sports betting. You can find everything from greyhound tipsters to football experts. This review will only include horse racing tips for today since that is our thing.

In practice, this means that anyone can register an account on Tipstrr and start offering free racing tips. Of course, there are risks, but these risks are quite easy to parry. It’s because Tipstrr has a very transparent structure of statistical systems.

It means that only the absolute best tipsters pass this criterion. If you are interested in starting to post tips, then Tipstrr can be a good start.There you can get followers and if you are among the best – even paid followers. But it is therefore required that you deliver a high return. Otherwise, there is an excellent chance that your account will never be visible. 

The Email service and application

Tipstrr review: the platform has two types of services Paid & Free betting services. The free on is, just like it sounds – free of charge. Regardless if you find a paid service or a free service, the horse racing tips from these tipsters are published in the same way, which is: through a live feed on the tipster Website & Email.

Note: the racing tips on the live feed is visible through their App, and you will receive a notification every time they post tips.

AG TIPS @ Tipstrr Review

The service is simple and profitable. The odds are kinda high– the average racing tips odds is 9.00 and the strike rate is still high –  38%.

What’s really interesting about AG TIPS is the selectivity, with 14 profitable bets per week. Learn more …

As we have stated before, there are both paid and free racing tips. We have tested several of the racing tipsters and can warmly recommend checking their free services.

However, those free services are usually only open for a while. That is until they got enough followers and profit. It has nothing to do with Tipstrr as a site, just my experience of racing tips which I will demonstrate in this Tipstrr review.

A perfect example is HODL, who started as a free service, and when he got his followers and that incredible profit – he changed his free service to a paid one.

There’s nothing wrong about it, and I have no problem with paying for tips.

Tipster website

The tipsters on Tipstrr can add any suggestions they want. However, tipsters can’t adjust their tips. Nor can they calculate profits/losses or their return of investment. 

And this is why Tipstrr is the best tipster website for free racing tips. Since there is an independent and objective part that calculates profits and losses for each tipster – there’s no cheating.

You can trust the tipster website

We have been in the game for a long time, and I’ve seen so many racing tips, “miscalculated.” That is, lost-tips-accidents. You know, when someone is calculating a loss as a win. The funny thing is that is never the other way around? Whatever, you don’t have to deal with this on Tipstrr.

Each tipster on the tipster website has a separate landing page showing a return of investment, strike rate and average odds. It makes it very easy to sort out losing tipsters and just as easy to find tipsters that make a profit.

Long term profit

Tipstrr puts a lot of value into the long-term, as tipsters who exhibited advantage over a long period – there are tables based on profit & how established the service is – calculating the best tipsters.

Guide to receive the tips

First of all, you need to register an accountIt’s super easy. When you register your email at the tipster website – they will ask if you want to “Get daily free tips from professional bettors.”

Click, yes, and enter your information.

Then, of course – you need to confirm the email. 

Various options when it comes to racing tips

When your account is ready, there are multiple options to receive racing tips. One of these is to click on the “Discover” button and then proceed to “Horse Racing.”

The first list will account for the recommending tipsters. The community recommends these guys. Which often correlates with good performance over time. 

Established tipsters
We recommend starting to look for new racing tips and tipsters through racing systems that work. The only way to know for sure is to start with the history. Although it doesn’t say everything about a tipster, it tells how the person has performed, which can provide an indicator of how stable and lucrative the service is. We will also publish tipsters we think are the best in this tipstrr review.
Some only search for tipsters that are in form. But I think it’s too risky.

I want to see data before I decide to invest in something. Talking about invest, here are some best horse racing tipsters that we would recommend.

Tipstrr Review

Tipstrr is a stylish and excellent betting platform that offers lots of different tipsters.

We have mainly focused on horse racing tipsters in this review, which we will continue with; With that said, I think Tipstrr is a great platform to use to invest your money correctly in an objective and playful way.

Different horse racing tipsters

As mentioned, there are lots of varying horse tipsters that deliver – lots of racing tips. If you choose to follow 3-4 established and profitable tipsters, your bankroll can get a real boost.

Just as the same bankroll can get a real downturn if you choose the wrong one, the main thing is that you want based on their data.

Tipstrr has thus delivered its part. They have created a stylish environment that does not tolerate cheating or other manipulations of data.

Furthermore, in this tipstrr review, we want to underline independent tipsters that have emerged, such as HODL, AG Tips, Each Way Value, Moody, and more.


Pro is a mix between how established the tipster is, along with how good the results the tipster has shown lately.

It means that anyone who does well can end up on the pro list. It is a great way to navigate and exclude bad tipsters.

However; There are plenty of good tipsters who have not entered the pro list (yet). Therefore we decided to rank the tipsters based on our experience and tracking. As you can see, our top tipster (AG Tips) is not PRO.

#1 AG Tips

AG Tips has made £6,317.97 profit in the last 3 months across 161 Horse racing tips (roughly 14 tips per week), based on an average stake of £25 (9.6/10 units) giving an average monthly profit of £2,374.06

#2 CD Systems PRO

CD Systems – Daily Bargain has made £3,665 profit all time across 439 Horse tips (roughly 6 tips per week), based on an average stake of £25 (1/10 units) giving an average monthly profit of £212.88

7 days free Offer here

#3 Each Way Value Tips

Each Way Value Tips has made £16,076.25 profit all time across 1016 Horse racing tips (roughly 10 tips per week), based on an average stake of £25 (4/10 units) giving an average monthly profit of £674.91

7 days £1 OFFER HERE


Racino has made £20,986.73 profit all time across 6256 Horse racing tips (roughly 52 tips per week), based on an average stake of £25 (9.8/10 units) giving an average monthly profit of £750.61

30 days £1 OFFER HERE

#5 Top Rated Value

Top Rated Value has made £12,081.73 profit all time across 1664 Horse racing tips (roughly 31 tips per week), based on an average stake of £25 (7.8/10 units) average monthly profit of £945.32  1month £39 OFFER HERE

#6 WannaWin

WannaWin BM has made £6,026.75 profit in the last 6 months across 1101 Horse racing tips (roughly 43 tips per week), based on an average stake of £25 (10/10 units) average monthly profit of £996.93

7 days £3 OFFER HERE

As you can see …

Our assessments differ some. Being pro does always correlate with being the best.

Maybe it’s time for Tipstrr to update their Pro list? There are plenty of tipsters who have delivered returns over time now that should get a chance in the limelight.

No matter who is pro or not, it is relatively easy to find tipsters that provide returns. Since most of the tipsters that we have named and ranked are on a “recommended list.” If you are looking for football prediction sites instead, you can view our guides.

Tips from pro tipsters

Tipstrr conveys a lot of horse racing tips. We have listed a couple of these higher up. But regardless, if you are looking for football tips or horse tips, they will probably be able to deliver this.

Since their range is one of the largest we have seen, there are race betting tips for most people. And with easy navigation, you, as a customer, can see which horse betting tips are the best.

Tipstrr review: ranked based on their expertise

In my experience; that is not always the case.

You can also see which horse tips deliver best depending on the track. For example, you can see how specific horse tipsters have delivered on Kempton, Lingfield, Pontefract, Newmarket, or Perth.

Free racing tips

Tipstrr has a lot of free services, and tipsters that offering you free racing tips. If you are a total beginner, then I recommend you to check these services out.   Watch out for combination bets though.

Thus, it is quite unusual with horse tipsters who publish lucky 15 and more. I think this is good.

There is something deeply rogue about tipsters sending out betting systems. I do not know. The risk is high, and the return usually fails.

I, like most people who follow racing tips of the day, usually think of tomorrow. Thus, every advice is an investment.


As we mentioned before in this Tipstrr review, the platform has a lot of punters who follow their service. Which is a sign that they are doing something right. They provide a genuine and reliable betting service. And that’s pretty much it, Tipstrr is not a soccerstats site, its a tipster platform and the tipsters have high class.

If you do not feel like buying a subscription from their paid tipsters, I highly recommend you sign up for their racing tips. If you want to create your own strategy you might want to read how to make money sports betting.

Is it worth paying for the tips?

There you can feel how the service works and decide if you think it is worth paying for the tips. They also has free service that you can use. My advice, based on this Tipstrr review, is to you is to test yourself!

There you can feel how the service works and decide on the new that it is worth paying for the tips. They also have a free service that you can use on horse racing betting sites.

My advice to you is to test yourself!

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