Horse Racing Betting Sites Online | TOP 10

Here you’ll find our summary of the horse racing betting sites and betting organizations that are both legit and, in the end, profitable. The websites that are visible in this summary have gone through robust and impersonal measurements. 

For instance, the horse racing betting sites must have a gambling license. A gambling license means the betting site has clear rules and conditions, fast payouts, and happy customers. If a particular website for betting doesn’t follow the rules, they will lose their licence. It means that the licence works as a safety net for the customers and punters. 

Horse Racing Betting Sites

With only a few horse racing betting sites listed in this portfolio, we have likewise arranged an extraordinary opportunity for these well-behaved betting sites to get some reliance. There are lots of racing sites out there that offer great promotions and other sign up bonuses. However, we do believe horse racing is a long term game. Which means, we rank the sites that can offer the best odds and range of betting tips regarding horse racing. Even though most of the sites listed here got some unique and special racing bonus, there are lots of variables that I believe are more important. 

100% Bet boost
4.8 rating
ComeOn Bet
100% Deposit Bonus up to £250
4.8 rating
Mansion Bet
50% up to £50
4.5 rating
Bet £5 Get £30
4.5 rating
£125 Bonus
4.5 rating
William Hill
Bet £10 Get £30 in free bets
4.3 rating
Mr Green
100% Bet boost
4.0 rating

We have assembled the worlds betting sites that are still up – and we assist you with getting the data you need. With this assistance and the sign-up bonus, we hope you can get started. 

We receive selective rewards regarding horse racing betting sites online.

That might be the reason why you ought to look for new horse racing betting sites online consistently. Be that as it may, it has gotten progressively hard to get bonuses after all restrictions out there. However, despite everything – horse betting bonuses still exist.

Even though, if you compare them to other rewards, as casinos – they are not that heavy. The reason is simply that racing is the sport that most punters will make an actual profit. Obviously, the bookmakers don’t like it when you win. And, the only reason they give you bonuses and stuff like that is that there is a chance you will end up losing. That is the honest and hard story here. There no reason for a bookmaker to give punters bonuses if they believe these guys will end up with a profit. 

How would I locate the best horse racing betting sites online?

The range of horse racing betting sites is developing progressively, which is great for punters. You could say that the more racing bookies- the better chance you’ll end up on a great site — the beauty of business and predictions.

We analyze different racing bookmakers and horse racing betting sites, so you know which one suits you the best. Who has the most racing choices in the lower divisions? Which racing bookie offers the best rewards and bonuses?

You likely have a ton of questions. An ever-increasing number of horse betting sites online have begun streaming several races each week. At that point, you can bet one the race through live betting. This is something I value, as you will be able to watch the specific competition. And sometimes, you want to get critical information about the form. The only way to get this information is to look through the warm-ups. And then you will need to watch the event. Therefore, I think that betting sites that can offer live streaming events regarding horse racing are of high value. 

Likewise, look at an increasingly itemized guide to discover new horse betting sites online. The contributions change extraordinarily.

Every single betting sites online that you see here must meet a specific number of criteria before we show them.

Horse racing betting sites online with quick withdrawals and valuable assistance is something we promote and support. 

To be sure which horse gambling site to pick, we have created a guide among our reviews and a guide on the how to bet on horses. However, if you are a total rookie regarding horse racing, I suggest you take a look at the best racing tipsters. As they will provide great bets and help you get make profitable horse racing bets right away. 

Horse Racing Betting Apps

The field of web-based betting companies is enormous now, which makes it exciting to understand which of the horse betting sites you pick, or which company has the most suitable website for you. And, along with the expansion of betting sites for horse racing, new apps are developing every day. In my experience, using horse racing betting apps is nessecary as you get the vital information about your current bets from anywhere. 

What are you searching for?

For instance, are you searching for the best odds or, maybe, the site that offers the best bonuses regarding horse racing? 

Underneath, we give brief data on each horse betting site. We additionally list what store rewards the racing betting sites offer to their new clients. On the off chance that you need to discover more data about a particular gaming organization, you can tap on Read more, where we have a progressively thorough division.

Betting sites for Horse Racing

As a punter, you have a few sites to look over. The incredible enthusiasm for horse racing betting has brought about that each horse racing betting sites online offers a broad range of explicit bets. Today you can wager on races from everywhere throughout the world and bet on a few distinct markets.

Yet, even though the betting sites offer a comparable range, regardless, they vary from each other. It can, for instance, be it that a betting organization provides a more extensive market. 

So on the off chance that you are keen on betting on free horse racing tips, at that point, it is significant that you realize which horse racing betting sites online is best for you. To assist you in finding the correct racing bookmaker, we have featured the most widely recognized components that players consider to be significant.

These horse betting sites are in front of the other betting organizations with regards to live-betting, Cash Out and Livestreaming on horse racing. 

Aim to be objective

The term horse racing betting sites online can be depicted as a bookmakers’ page with horse racing bets. In this manner, a place where you can wager on horse racing and discover chances for various races. 

Original and modish horse racing betting sites online.

New horse racing betting sites online are launched every month, where betting sites with several concepts try to offer their customers a betting experience beyond the conventional. For the most part, the scope of contributions and rewards are what separate the different horse racing betting sites from one another.

Withdraw and Deposit

When you are looking for new racing sites online, you want to use websites that can offer safe methods for both deposit and withdrawal. However, if a betting site has a gambling license – you can be sure there betting methods are safe as this is one of the criteria for the grant. Anyway, it can still be useful to look through these methods. 

As for me, I enjoy racing betting sites that can offer PayPal deposit methods. The reason is that I mainly use PayPal for betting and other stuff. The idea is that I don’t want my bank to see my betting deposits and withdrawals, as it’s not good for my credit score. If you want a good racing site that can offer PayPal, I would suggest BetVictor.

Customer Service

Another important aspect if you are looking for horse racing betting sites online is to choose a place that has excellent customer service. It’s easy to spot websites with these kinds of approaches, as they are usually visible on the site.

One might say they don’t need customer service, well, then think again. For example, the most common reason you want to talk to customer service is that there is something wrong with your balance. That is, you might have staked a bet but didn’t receive the money after the win – or you deposit without receiving the payment on your account. There are millions of things that can happen when you are betting online. 

Therefore, a reliable and trusted customer service is something I strongly believe in. You never know what will go wrong when you are betting for real money online. 

Application for mobile

Another variable that I think is important is whether the betting site can offer a horse racing betting app. And even more important, if this particular app is well designed for horse racing. Most of the sites for betting online have apps. However, some of the apps for horse racing are terrible. 

The most common mistake is that they design their racing betting apps as their website. With no extra features. This usually means loading time and misery. I’d say Bethard might have the best application for horse racing right now. The app is fast and easy to use. Therefore, your experience regarding horse racing betting will improve.

Another great thing about apps for betting sites is that you are always in the game. That is, you will receive vital information, and you will get more portable. And I think that is important if you are serious about betting. In my opinion, I would not last a day without a horse racing app. I receive lots of betting tips during the days, and without a smartphone, I would not be able to stake those bets. 

Range of Racing Bets

You want a horse racing site that can offer a wide range of bets. The sites that are visible on this page are mainly focusing on UK horse racing. However, many of the betting sites today have a vast range of different markets and both horse racing and other sports. My suggestion to you is to look through the betting sites, and see if they have the markets you are interested in. 

In my experience, however, the betting site that has the broadest range of horse racing events might be William Hill and BetVictor. 

What bets should you choose?


First of all, if you are new to betting on horses, you might want to look through the basics—for example, the difference between a straight win and each-way bet.

If you bet a straight win, this means, your horse needs to win for you to make money. It’s easy, right? I’d say this is the most common bet regarding horse racing online. 

Each Way Bet

Each way is divided into two bets, that is, one straight win and one place bet. The place differs between bookmakers and events. But the most common is 3. That is, if your horse ends up on position 3 in the race, you will get some of your money back. This all depends on the odds for the particular horse. A horse with high odds that places will make you profit.