To be able to demonstrate and show our thoughts about the ratings over the professional horse racing tips, we have chosen to be as transparent as possible regarding the summary of the tipsters.

The reason is simple; we want to identify the most profitable horse racing system out there. 

We have presented our comments together with the professional horse racing tips

Combined with the risk and time of the variable – we can, therefore, create a list over the most profitable horse racing system that contains both free and paid tipster systems.

Together, we have sorted these variables to “Professional horse racing tips”. Together, these variables will represent horse racing tips from tipsters and platforms. 

Hopefully, we have cached profitable racing tips!


WHO has the most Professional Horse Racing Tips?

1. Tipstrr – Most Profitable Horse Racing System [FREE]

This is probably quite shocking, but number one on our list is Tipstrr’s Free horse racing tipsWe have been following these tips for some time now. Don’t always ask them, I mean, they come to the mailbox every day. You receive horse free racing tips from tipsters who are “in form” from their betting tips site.

Comment:Most Profitable Horse Racing system
Review:Tipstrr review


Tipstrr - #1 Professional Horse Racing Tips

27.7% return of investment, FREE

Free start-up

Create an account on Tipstrr through this link and secure a free start-up today.

1.2 Quentin Franks Racing – Best Paid Tipster

Could Quentin Franks Racing be one of the best paid tipsters right now? According to our stats, he is the best paid tipster and therefore one of the most profitable horse racing system.

Name:Quentin Franks Racing
Comment:Best paid tipster
Review:Quentin Franks Racing review
Price:£2 for 30 days


Quentin Franks Racing

21,03% Return of investment

Quentin Franks Racing

£1 Trial.

2. UNDERDOG Racing Tips

Underdog racing tips is nothing less than a significant, profitable horse racing service. He publishes his bets on Tipstrr. Right now there’s an offer at £1, and I suggest you try it.

Name:Underdog Racing Tips
Comment:Professional horse racing tips
Price:£19 per month
UunderDog Racing Tips - Best Paid Tipster

83,42% Return, £19 per month.


Join Underdog Racing Tips for £1.

3. Tipster Empire – Professional tipster platform

Tipster Empire has a quality over quantity approach. In practice, this means, their tipsters are of high class. They offer a free service – which we think it’s worth checking out as well.

Name:Tipster Empire
Type:Tipster platform
Price:Free and paid
Tipster Empire

Tipster platform

Tipster Empire

Join for free


OOTD is relatively new in our portfolio! However, the profit is huge. Remember though, even the most profitable horse racing systems can collapse. OOTD  posts high amounts of horse betting advice each day. Some losing days can be devastating. But likewise – the winning days can be unbelievable.

Comment:One of the most profitable horse racing system
Price:£19 per month

75,35% Return, £19 per month.


Paid tipster!

5. Betting God’s – Professional Horse Racing Tips [FREE]

Betting Gods makes it to the top as well. The reason why we rate Betting gods this high is because of the profitable outcome. We followed their free horse racing system from their  site and we are thrilled with the performance, it’s impressive.

Name:Betting God’s
Comment:Professional horse racing tips
Review:Betting God’s Review


Betting God's - Professional Horse Racing Tips [FREE]

23.7% return of investment, FREE - Betting tips sites

Betting God's

Betting Gods, Free.

6. Ron Williams – Horse Racing Tips

Ron Williams has been part of our portfolio for a very long time. He’s one of the best horse racing tipsters out there. And the main reason is the time, the man have been showing good performance for many years. A given horse racing system in our profitable portfolio.

Name:Ron Williams Racing
Comment:Profitable racing system
Review:Ron Williams Racing Review
Price:£1 Trial


Ron Williams - Professional tips

18,17% Return, £19 per month.

Ron Williams - Horse Racing Tips

Ron Williams Horse Racing Tips, £1 trial here.

7. BetInfo24

Professional horse racing tipsters that have passed our tests.

Type:Tipster Platform
Price:Free and paid
BetInfo 24


Join for free.

8. Wanna Win BM – top racing tips

WannaWin BM keep crushing the horse racing competitions and makes it to the list. He has been active for a while and show a long-term profit. This could be a number 1 soon. However, we haven’t followed him for that long yet, which means – we dont know how profitiable this horse racing system is, yet.

Name:WannaWin BM
Comment:Top Racing Tips
Price:£29 per month


WannaWin BM

21,13% Return, £29 per month.

WannaWin BM - Racing Tips

WannaWin BM, £3 trial here.

9. Landry Horse Racing

The horse race tipper Landry Horse racing takes the highest climb on our list over the professional horse racing tips and tipsters. We have only followed him for 2 months, and he has been smacking the competitors ever since  – the man is a true betting expert with some killer strategies that results in one of the most profitable horse racing systems out there.

Name:Landry Horse Racing
Comment:Profitable horse racing system
Price:£19 per month


Landry Horse Racing - Professional horse tips

30,12% Return, £19 per month.

Landry Horse Racing Tips

Landry Horse Racing Tips, €19. 

10. Bet Alchemist – Professional racing tips

Bet Alchemist has been in our portfolio for a really long time. The service has made us a lot of money through the years and I’m sure he will keep providing results. He offers a free service also – if you don’t have the money to pay for his main service or if you just want to try!

Name:Bet Alchemist
Comment:Professional horse racing tips
Review:Bet Alchemist Review
Price:£30 per month


Bet Alchemist - Professional horse racing tips

24% Return, £30 per month.

Bet Alchemist - Racing Tips

Bet Alchemist, £30.

11. AG TIPS – top racing tips

AG Tips is just like Landry Horse racing – relatively new in our portfolio. The risk is not that high since he rarely has any losing months. The bets are sent out in the evening and the average number of bets per day is around 3. The bets work well on Betfair exchange.

Name:AG Tips
Comment:Top Racing Tips
Price:£39 per month


AG TIPS - Professional horse racing tips

45,32% Return, £39 per month.

Ag TIPS - Horse Race Tips

AG Tips – Horse racing, £39.

Professional Tipsters that are currently being tracked!

Raceonomics – Professional tipster

Price:£24 for 60 days
Raceonomics - Professional racing tips


Join the service here

Wap Tipsters – Professional tipster platform

Price:Free and paid
WAP Tipsters - Professional tips

Wap Tipsters

Join the service here

Who are the best horse racing tipsters?

This list is unique, and our record over the best horse racing tipsters does not necessarily mean they will be here forever. It means that this list over the best tipster will be updated based on their professional horse racing tips.

professional horse racing tips

We are very good at identifying horse racing systems and tipsters, and there is no reason for them to rank a high on this page if they don’t deliver winners.

However, the best horse racing tipsters are part of what we call our leading portfolio. It merely means we rely on these tipsters to make money sports betting. The racing tipsters that are listed on this page are a combined list over the best racing tipsters and the best free horse racing tipsters. 

Most Profitable Horse Racing System

Their performance is mixed, of course. The results are calculated on their primary services and our number one tipsters is actually double-ranked. That is, the best free horse racing tips and best tipster equals the best tipster.

The amount of laying is determined by the points that the best racing tipster is suggesting. The horse racing tips can vary, which means some tipsters are suggesting a lot of points.

It usually means more risk. However, there’s only a risk when those high points bets are lost.

The best racing tipsters and the most profitable horse racing system are ranked, based on three variables: Profit, Risk and Time.

Within these variables are among other things the best predictions, the most accurate laying horse tipster, which in turn correlates with the most winning tips.

We have spent many years finding the best racing tipsters. We have combined them with rank, which has lead to a list over the Professional horse racing tips and best free horse racing tips. 

Some of the Professional horse racing tips that are on the list are older than others, of course.

And, some of the best racing tipsters use twitter as a platform & some email service. Combined – these Professional horse racing tips are the most accurate, and the most successful horse racing tipsters that we have come around, both free and paid.


best free horse racing tips & most profitable horse racing system

What we value most in a Tipster is the return of investment. The performance should preferably be frequent and month after month.

Those who cannot deliver a cumulative profit will never make it to the best horse racing tipsters or free horse tips.

Tipsters that blow up betting banks – too high points and long negative trends will not make it to the list.

There are also people in our list who have a high risk; you can read more about this in their reviews.

With time, we mean how long we have followed the tipsters or the services. The longer we have observed a tipster – the more objective the review and statistic.

Besides, time correlates with trust. The longer we have followed a horse racing tipster – the better confidence and trust in the service.

professional horse racing tips

There are no horse racing tips that will win every day. There are always periods when the results and performance are lacking, even when it comes to our top racing tips. 

Don’t get confused. There’s an objective truth regarding the best free horse racing tips, but to able to find that objective truth – some errors will show on the way. 

As you can see, the return of investment does not correlate with the rank. The number one horse racing tipster and the most profitable horse racing system is right now is offering free horse racing tips.

However, there are other tipsters out there with a higher return of investment.

It makes Tipstrr’s  the most professional horse racing tips. Once again, this portfolio is what has worked for us over time. 

Which mean, this is our subjective assessments of the best racing tipsters. If you don’t agree or have any opinions on which horse racing tipster that are the best, provide us here

most profitable horse racing system

Just as some of the tipsters have the highest strike rate regarding there horse racing tips – some of them still got a better return. 

Our ratings over the best horse racing tips aim to be the most accurate and professional you can find. 

Best Tipsters in the world

But just as a bet, one can never be sure. The top racing tips and best tipsters in the world change every day, top tipsters disappear, and new horse tipsters will enter. 

If you are missing some content regarding our horse racing tips and best tipsters- please tell us your thoughts under the comment section.

Mr Green offers all new members a £50 free bet, all you need to do – is to register!

How can you get the Best Free Horse racing tips?

We have chosen to include the return of investment in our ranking list because then you can get a clear picture of horse tipster’s performance. Don’t forget to read our sheet over the best free horse racing tips as well, might be valuable if you are looking for free services only. Also, it lets you decide the Best Free Horse Racing Tips in your way.

Both bookies and exchange markets will decide the return. And the performance is our return, which means it’s our tracking that determines the best horse racing tipsters rank. 

Tipsters will always claim they have professional horse racing tips

We have some reviews over our tipsters. In these reviews, we go deeper and more accurate regarding the results. Since all reviews are based on our own tracking. These inspections mean to determine the professional horse racing tips out there.

It means that we have done an actual analysis of some of the best tipsters. You can check this out under the review links. It also means that the possibility that you will get the top racing tips are higher. And, the accurate horse racing tips as well.

Combined with the best horse racing tipsters

We highly recommend you to read the reviews before you make any decisions. In there you will see actual results, not results posted by tipsters– that want new customers. The reviews are a guide – if you have any questions like which tipster has the best accuracy? Or maybe you are looking for top racing tips, or the most consistent horse racing tipster? If you are searching for football predictions, we can offers such guides as well.

Free Horse Tips from the best racing tipsters

If you are familiar with our site, you know that we always measure the overall performance of a horse racing tipster with the variable Cost to decide the most profitable horse racing system. However, in this table of the best horse racing tipsters, we have chosen not to. Even though we list the best free racing tips together with the best-paid tipsters. 


our own experience

Which means, this is what has worked for us.

We have developed specific patterns to measure these different types of services. If you have other or perhaps more information, share it with us!

Or do you think our measurements are wrong? Maybe you think your measures are more justified – share your experience under the comment section! Horse Tipsters Review

Punter and tracker, HTR

If you want to test a free alternative we can really recommend you to try Tipstrr’s Free Daily Tips. They are currently ranked #1 over best horse racing tipsters. Furthermore, they smash their competitors, even though the service is completely free. Claim your free racing tips today!

If you are interested in learning how to create your own strategies on how to make money sports betting, or finding the most profitable horse racing systemwe can offer such guides as well. If you are looking for some new horse racing betting sites, we aim to share these as well.

Who offers the best free horse racing tips?

Based on our results and tracking, the service that offers the best free horse racing tips is Tipstrr.

What decides who’s the best tipster?
To be able to demonstrate and show our thoughts about the ratings over the best horse racing tipsters, we have chosen to be as transparent as possible.Therefore, we have presented our grades together with our measurement methods.

The percentage shows how much value we have based on the specific variable. For example, you see that profit count at 50%. It merely means that it is an essential variable.

Combined with the variables: risk and time – we can, therefore, create a list over the best horse racing tipsters.


Who are the best horse racing tipsters?
These are the best horse racing tipsters right now.
picture of the best horse racing tipsters
  1. Tipstrr Free racing tips
  2. Betting God’s free racing tips
  3. Elite Betting Syndicate
  4. Ron Williams Racing
  5. WannaWin BM
  6. RaceTips
  7. Bet Alchemist Racing
  8. HODL
  9. Moody
  10. Master Racing Tipster



the most profitable horse racing system is an engaging topic

The most profitable horse racing system is an engaging topic with many different explanatory models, especially in terms of the volume horse racing tips out there.

Racing tipsters have been measured with reviews based on various sources in the last decade. Data from several horse race communities show a similar contraction in the favourite paid tipsters. The data is measured on the horse racing betting sites listed in the review.

The review rate might explain that this is due to the significant increase in the broad category of horse racing and the popularity for it.

The development of horse racing tips from an international perspective is also characterized by increases, especially in the west. Many racing tipsters are now active in the USA, Australia and UK.

increase horse racing tips

This is also confirmed by those describing an increase in horse racing tips in England and Wales. The pattern is explained as an effect of the fact that young people are looking for quick fixes.

Something I truly believe myself. We all are looking for extra incomes from betting, and in my experience, follow the right tipsters is the most profitable horse racing system.

In particular, horse racing environments and precisely horse racing tips in these contexts are characterized by an increase since the 1990s.

It means that the overall horse racing betting is increasing, and why wouldn’t you choose the best horse racing tipsters to go with then? Or the horse racing betting sites we have listed?

Don’t be a stranger; leave a comment. Who do you think is the best racing tipster? What are your thoughts on that we rank a free racing tips service the highest?

Do you agree with it, or do you have suggestions? We are always open for feedback, and hopefully, we both learn something.


Share your experience!

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