Best horse racing tipsters

The best Horse Racing Tipsters are part of what we call our “Main Portfolio” – which means we rely on these tipsters to generate personal returns. We have spent many years finding the best racing tips.

Some of those who are on the list are older than others, of course. Some of the horse racing tipsters use twitter as a platform, some email service. And combined – these tipsters are the most accurate, and the most successful services that we have come around, yet.

Their performance is mixed, of course. The results are based on their main services, no free bets of the day, etc. And when it comes to laying: these results are based on the bets that are recommended from each service.

So the amount of laying is therefore determined by the points that the tipster are suggesting. The betting systems can vary, which means some tipsters is suggesting a lot of points. This usually means more risk. However, there’s only a risk when those high points bets are lost.

Horse betting system

To be honest there’s no horse place betting system that works 100%. There are always periods when the results and performance are lacking.

Just as some of the tipsters have the highest strike rate – some of them still got a better return of investment.

With this in mind, our ratings over horse racing tipsters aim to be the most accurate and professional you can find. But just as a tipster prediction, one can never be sure. If you are missing some content, please tell us your thoughts under the comment section.

Anyway, we hope that your options and knowledge on which betting strategy to use online should be improved after reading this guide.

What determines their rank is based on our variables: Profit, Risk & Time. This includes both statistics and experience. Which horse racing tipsters have the best return of investment for example.

But also experience; which means our personal experience of their service. It can be about how well their odds are reflected in reality or how much risk we have assessed the service might have.

Or the risk of the horse racing tips. That is, some use high-risk horse betting strategies which could damage the performance and therefore ranking.  

Regardless, if you have made it to this list, it means that we trust and validate your service. The list is sometimes updated, with names disappearing while others remain.

If a service is removed from the list, we will notify this by email. 

Whats with the bars?

To be able to demonstrate and show our thoughts about the ratings over the best horse racing tipsters, we have chosen to be as clear as possible. Therefore, we have presented our grades together with our measurement methods.

The percentage shows how much value we have based on the specific variable. For example, you see that profit count at 50%. It simply means that it is the most important variable. So combined with the variables risk and time – a final grade over the best horse racing tipsters is therefore created.

  • Profit 50%
  • Risk 25%
  • Time 25%


This list of horse racing tipsters is ranked, which has been based on three variables: Profit, Risk and Time. Within these variables are among other things the best predictions, the most accurate horse tipster which in turn correlates with the most successful horse tipster.

Some have better systems than others, which is reflected in their rankings.

Return of investment

We have chosen to include the return of investment in our ranking list because then you can get a clear picture of horse tipster’s performance. Also, it lets you decide the horse racing tipster chomp in your own way.

The return is based on both bookies and exchange markets. And the return is our return, which means it’s not based on the tipping websites or other blogs. The return of investment is based on our own trackings.

So we receive the horse racing bets just like anyone else, except we calculate the payouts and share the results.


Some of the ranked horse racing bettors have reviews. This simply means that we have made an actual review of their service. In those reviews, we go deeper into their performance & accuracy with a more professional league table. You can check this out under the review links that are connected to the list.

We highly recommend you to read the reviews before you make any decisions. In there you will see actual results, not results posted by tipsters – that just want new customers.

The reviews are a guide – if you have any questions like which tipster has the best accuracy? or maybe you are looking for the most consistent horse racing tipster?

These questions will be answered if you look deeper.


If you are familiar with our site, you know that we always measure the overall performance of a horse racing tipster with the variable cost. However, in this table of the best horse racing tipsters, we have chosen not to.


best horse racing tipsters

As you can see, the return of investment does not correlate with the rank. Since the number one horse racing tipster is Ron Williams even though there are horse racing tipsters out there with a higher return.

But combined, Ron Williams is successful because of the strike rate, as his accuracy in relation to his consistency, makes him the best horse racing tipster.

So once again, this portfolio is what has worked for us over time. Which mean, this is our subjective assessments of the best horse racing tipsters.

If you don’t agree or have any opinions on which horse racing tipster that are the best, provide us here


It has been a fairly stable journey, with no major downturns. On the other hand – a cumulative rise. Ron Williams style is relatively simple: he sends out his tips late in the evening before the race, and the most common are 2 tips per day.

The reason why Ron Williams racing is the best horse racing tipster is simple: He’s the most consistent, the service is professional, the strike rate is high which means the risk is low.

In short; Ron Williams is the most successful horse tipster out there. And to be honest, there are probably four different review sites that actually has named Ron Williams number one horse racing tipster.

The man is a betting expert, with solid predictions about the game.  

Ron Williams Racing

20.7% return of investment, £37 per month

  • Profit 90%
  • Risk 20%
  • Time 75%


Quentin Franks Racing makes it to the top as well. The reason why we rate Quentin Franks Racing this high is because of the results, and the performance he’s been showing all these years. The man is a betting expert where he trough time is beating the competitors.  

He send out his tips in the morning and the average odds are 6, with an average of 2 tips per day. The price for the service differs since Betting god (where Quentin publish) will have different offers – depending on the day. You can read more (the full Quentin Franks Racing review) here


18,24% Return of investment, £59 per month.

  • Profit 80%
  • Risk 20%
  • Time 95%


Number three on our list is Elite Betting Syndicate, the performance is good. And, the last couple of months has been absolutely smashing. If Elite Betting Syndicate continues this way, he will probably make our number one horse tipster very soon.

According to the main site, Elite Betting Syndicate is marketed as an extra income system. And, yes – obviously a horse racing system.

As you probably already know, Elite Betting Syndicate is a horse racing system that provides tips for UK Racing.  

They have been doing this for a long time, more specifically – Elite Betting Syndicate shares results back to 2016.

Before we started the review, the results that Elite Betting Syndicate reported was in fact really good.

Elite Betting Syndicate managed to scrape over 400 points these years. 

Elite Betting Syndicate

20,03% Return of investment, £39 per month.

  • Profit 95%
  • Risk 35%
  • Time 65%


QF Value Tips has been part of our portfolio for a very long time. The platform is betting gods and he’s on of the best horse racing tipsters out there. And the main reason is the time, the man have been showing good performance for many years. Given horse tipster in our portfolio. 

QF Value Tips

18,17% Return, £19 per month.

  • Profit 80%
  • Risk 35%
  • Time 95%


Moody keep crushing the horse racing competitions and makes it to the list. He has been active for a long time and show a longterm profit. Many tipping websites rate him high, and so do we. However, we haven’t followed him for that long yet. 


34,13% Return, £39 per month.

  • Profit 90%
  • Risk 30%
  • Time 50%

# rank

RaceTips takes the highest climb on our list over the best horse racing tipsters. We have only followed him for 2 months, and he has been smacking the competitors ever since  – the man is a true betting expert with some killer strategies that will make money. 


60,12% Return, £9 per month.

  • Profit 85%
  • Risk 25%
  • TIME 25%


Bet Alchemist has been in our portfolio for a really long time. The service has made us a lot of money through the years and I’m sure he will keep providing results. He offers a free service also if you don’t have the money to pay for his main service or if you just want to try!

Bet Alchemist

24% Return, £39 per month.

  • Profit 100%
  • Risk 45%
  • Time 85%


HODL is relatively new in our portfolio – and the reason why we don’t rate him higher (even though he got a high profit) is because of the risk. The horse betting system can collapse, he posts high amounts of horse betting advice each day. Some losing days can be devastating. But likewise – the winning days can be unbelievable. 


21,35% Return, £39 per month.

  • Profit 95%
  • Risk 70%
  • Time 45%

# rank

Enigma is just like HODL – relatively new in our portfolio. The return is not the best, to be honest, but Enigma offers consistency. The risk is not that high since he rarely has any losing months. The bets are sent out in the evening and the average number of bets per day is around 3. The bets work well on Betfair exchange. 

Enigma Betting

15,32% Return, £25 per month.

  • Profit 65%
  • Risk 25%
  • Time 45%


Master Racing Tipster is a true betting legend. The man has been active since 2014. One of the best horse racing tipsters we ever have come around. The points vary between 1,2,3 per day and the average number of bets is 2. The reason why we don’t rate him higher is because of the last 6 months – they’ve been really slow. 

Master Racing

21,04% Return, £49 / month.

  • Profit 80%
  • Risk 25%
  • Time 75%

best horse racing tipsters







What we value most in a Tipster is the return of investment. The return should preferably be frequent and month after month.

Those who cannot deliver a cumulative profit are not included in our list. If a tipster actually delivers profit, but this happens with too many negative trends – then you lose rank on our list.

Tipsters that blow up betting banks – too high points and long negative trends, are not highly valued on our list. These horse racing tipsters will therefore not be listed in our main portfolio.

There are also people in our list who have a high risk, you can read more about this in there reviews.

So keep this in mind.

With time, we simply mean how long we have followed the tipsters or the services. The longer we have followed a tipster – the more objective the review and statistic. 

In addition, time correlates with trust. The longer we have followed a horse racing tipster – the better confidence and trust in the service.

This is the main portfolio- we have therefore not had judged Tipsters on the basis of the variable “Price”. This, because the prices do not differ that much. As long as a Tipster contributes to the return, the person can take his share, in our opinion.

However, if you are going to test new service, we have chosen to value the variable Price, as this is usually a contributing factor to whether one can start to follow a horse racing tipster. So if you want to know more about what we think of pricing for individual tipsters, click on their review links.


our own experience

 Which means, this is what has worked for us for. We have developed specific patterns to measure these different types of services. If you have other or perhaps more information, share it with us! Or do you think our measurements are bad? Maybe you think your measurements are more justified – share your experience under the comment section! 



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