Choosing the best football betting apps might be challenging as many have their own opinions, which is the best apps.

However, there are some objective measurements one can choose to include. Like, loading time and odds etc. I’m not saying our list regarding football apps for betting is the best. I’m merely saying this is the apps for betting that we think you should choose.

You might want to try them and then make your final judgement. There are lots of betting apps for football in 2020, and there will be even more in some years. New betting apps are popping up everywhere, and therefore I suggest you take a look on our list and try some of them out.


The reason we include Bethard in this list is that not many people know about this football betting app. The app is well made, and the loading time is excellent. The betting app provides great content overall, and you will get access to in-play markets in seconds.

Regarding the odds at Bethard, they are okay – but not the best. However, sometimes Bethard has promotions and its not unusual that they deliver the best odds.

The betting app got the 2020 features as well, as cash out and auto cash out. Everything you might need when you are betting on football, that is.

The app design is spotless and smooth. It’s accessible to navigate through this football betting app.

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This betting app has one of the best odds you can find for football. It is a well-known fact in the football betting world. However, the app could be better. There are some critical features like in-play betting and cash out. But the loading time and accessibility for the betting app could be better.

Another great thing about the betting app is the combination bets. I think you will enjoy this as the combination bets are accessible to both create but foremost to observe. You can even cash those out. If you like to bet on treble tips, this app might be your best choice.

When you read other reports regarding Bet Victor betting app, you will find the same statements. High odds, lousy application. However, the app has been upgraded, and I don’t think you will be that disappointed.

William Hill

Another app for betting is William Hill, similar to BetVictor since the odds are high, but the app could be better. The betting app is, in fact, slow; that is, the loading time is terrible. The app looks like the website, and there’s nothing extra added here.

Sometimes you will get logged out from the application for no reason. Still, William Hill has one of the best odds in the world. Some say they have the best. And when you compare odds, you will find this betting site on the top.

Therefore, I can recommend you to try this football betting app.

What Determines the Best Football Betting Apps

After extensive and thorough testing of the software, other types of testing will begin to identify the best football betting apps. These are some of the criteria we use to make our final rank and statements.


This is the essential variable for identifying useful football betting apps. An app that does not give good odds is useless. It is through odds that you find value.

If the odds are too low, you will lose in the long run. Finding the best odds requires discipline and determination. Most people know that odds are relative.

That is, the odds change regarding what the common punter bets on. Besides, the odds are relative to other perspectives.

Apps for football betting vary and the best odds as well. It is, therefore, vital to identify the best odds with the help of tools. There are some tools available online, like Oddschecker.

User Experience

The app must distinguish customer needs. There are several examples of failure regarding this aspect. The most common thing is that the app is a copy of the website. This usually ends in disaster.

This is why:

First, these apps tend to be slow. This means that the loading time for various football bets is horrible. You will be frustrated. I have experience with this. This is extremely stressful if you bet live. Since live betting requires fast apps.

In addition, betting apps that build the app as a copy tend to miss important tools.

For example, when looking for a betting app, you should choose an app with clear menus. Preferably as few as possible.

Any redundant information should be invisible. When it comes to betting through mobile apps, the information should be concentrated on the essentials.

Withdraw and Deposit

Another essential variable for identifying betting apps is the methods used for the deposit. For me, it is necessary to have several options. For example, following new EU directives, banks must make continuous checks on customers’ bank accounts.

In practice, this means that you have a high probability of being red-flagged. This can end with a bad credit score. Why am I telling you this?

Well, for me, it is crucial to be able to use a variety of methods for both withdrawal and deposit. To be able to hide my gambling for the banks.

It doesn’t matter that I win. Depositing money from gaming companies, and in particular, picking out money – is risky behaviour.

That is why I always start by choosing apps that can handle PayPal or Skrill. I mean, there’s a great value in that. Thus, with these types of systems, the bank cannot identify your deposits.


Most experts who bet professionally have encountered limitations. If you have not been limited yet, you are doing something wrong.

It is the truth. All professional punters will be limited. If you make too much profit, this will be identified and punished. It’s part of the game.

But of course, it is possible to choose bookies that don’t limit, and of course, these will probably restrict you anyway. But there is a balance. Some bookmakers and betting apps quickly limit, while others leave you alone. At least for a while.

For me, it is vital to choose apps for betting that are gentle in this aspect. As previously mentioned, the risk is that you will be limited. But you can select more helpful apps.


Another super-important variable in our search for the best football betting apps is customer support. It is entirely pointless to bet on apps that lack service.

I mean, anything can happen in this industry. Therefore, support must be excellent.

And it’s pretty easy to identify excellent support. Just integrate with them. You quickly notice what approach they have to their customers.

Most betting apps now offer chat support. Which I think is right. With chat support, you will access the support smoothly. In addition, these authorities have enough to solve many problems.

Live Betting

When it comes to apps, I assume you will play live. This is a significant variable. Being able to play live is a prerequisite for many.

Many of the football tipsters available are only betting live. Therefore, I believe that live betting is a necessity.

Besides, it is generally more fun to bet live. The markets change concerning the match. Also, if you look at the game, you can identify games that you have not been able to before.

Many of the best football betting apps also offer live streaming. I think this is an exemplary duty.

However, some of these apps require you to place a bet before you can see the game.

However, this is different. Some bookmakers have this approach, while others only require an account with funds.

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