With this online sportsbook, you’ll find great reviews. Bethard is both a famous sports betting site and an online casino. This guide to the bookmaker discusses the trustworthiness of the site and includes the questions we all ask. 

The company behind Bethard is Bethard Group Limited, and they managed to create an accessible and likable platform for various types of gambling. There are a lot of companies out there that scams or doesn’t have a license. Therefore, we wanted to research whether Bethard can be trusted or not. Our findings suggest that Bethard is a legit gambling company, and this is why:

Active Since

Bethard has only been active since 2014, which means that the bookmaker is somewhat new. It is usually a good thing, as new bookmakers generally have better bonuses and other promotions. Bethard has licenses in most European countries.

The Bethard reviews I’ve read so far are positive and well-written; it seems to me that Bethard is a likeable bookmaker and new casino. I wish Bethard continues to produce great promotions so the players will stay satisfied.

Our Experience Regarding Bethard

Bethard has both a casino and a sportsbook available. The feeling you get when you visit Bethard is that they have put a lot of effort to make the experience great. The design of the site is spotless, and the games and bets on Bethard are of great value. When it comes to the odds at Bethard, they are excellent. There are many bookmakers out there, and when it comes to the best, I’m confident that Bethard will be on that list. 

To be able to provide a bulletproof and accurate Bethard review, we have checked all licenses and offers that Bethard has. The reason is simple; we want to be able to create a great discussion over this gambling platform.

Payout Ratio at Bethard

Bethard is likeable because of their high odds of popular leagues and matches. Often, Bethard has a payout ratio of 95%, which is usually higher than other large gambling platforms.

The range at Bethard is extensive, and they offer a great deal, both in terms of the variety of sports and leagues, but also specialized games. 

Bonus at Bethard

The bonus and promotion for new players at Bethard are 100% bet bonus up to £100. The bonus is nothing special compared to other gambling sites. However, the reward is not bad. It isn’t very unusual that the gifts from gambling sites are of this calibre and volume. To be able to take part in the Bethard bonus, you’ll need to create a new account. 

If you want to take the bonus right away, you can do that by clicking here.

How to use Bethard

The site is easy to navigate through, with a vast range of matches and easy accessible odds and bets. You’ll get information about team performance and other vital data before placing a bet on Bethard. The site has grown fast, and one of the reasons might be the odds. 

Bethard has high odds on most of their sports events, sometimes the best. When you look at odds comparison sites, Bethard is usually at the top. And this is an excellent approach if you want new players that will stay on the site. 

Why should you use Bethard?

The site is fast, no problem here, which means that the loading time on Bethard is excellent. There are many sites, still in 2020 that has a slow and weak connection. Bethard is not one of them. The site is super fast, and it means you won’t miss a game. And, you’ll get high odds and a great experience from Bethard. 

You’ll even get a 24/7 support at Bethard. The support is well educated and can help you wherever you are or what problems you might have. I’ve tried the support at Bethard, and I was pleased. Response time within minutes and magnificent help.

Overall, the experience of Bethard is safe. You’ll get the feeling these guys are professionals, and regarding the support and fast site – the site feels exceptionally trained and helpful. And that’s the main reason I strongly advise people to use Bethard. 

Bethard Mobile Friendly?

As stated before, its 2020 now, and that means smartphones are popular, there’s no expectation regarding gambling. Many players use their smartphones to bet, and at Bethard, you’ll get a great deal. They have a well-coded application that will provide great value for you. The Bethard app is fast and easy to use. 

You can transfer money right into the Bethard app; there’s no problem. And through the app, you can access both sportsbooks and casino in your pocket. You can even access the support, and overall, you’ll get the same experience on the Bethard app as you’ll on the website.

Payments and Withdraws

When you bet on sports, you want to get that fast access, and that usually means smooth payment methods. Regarding the payments and withdrawal methods at Bethard, they can offer payments and withdraws through Credit cards, Bank and e-wallets such as Netteller and Trustly. I’d say this a great approach and a wide range of techniques. You’ll get what you need, and you’ll get it fast. That’s all I care about if I’m honest. 

Summary of Bethard

Overall, Bethard is an attractive site for various types of gambling. With offers and promotions that are fair and a vast range of sports betting. I’d say the overall experience from Bethard is excellent. The odds are high; the site is fast. That’s all you need when you want to bet on something – which is the main reason for the rank regarding horse racing betting sites.

So, my final judgement regarding Bethard is that you should at least try it. I’m sure you won’t regret it, as the site is of high class and offers excellent support.

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