Bruce Betting, this is what you need to know about the betting site.

We have tried Bruce Betting, and our final statement is that the bookmaker is ok. However, there are a lot of bookies out there with better odds and reviews. The first thing you noticed with Bruce Betting are the odds. It’s not that good. And there are plenty of bookies that can produce better odds. So, if you are looking for good odds, Bruce Betting is not the answer.

However, when it comes to the range of sports – Bruce Betting is fine. Bruce Betting has all kind of games, and the field is right. Betting with Bruce is easy; the only things I miss are bonuses and promotions. Now, Bruce Betting might be a new bookie, but come on?

After a couple of weeks, I’ve decided the share my view about Bruce Betting, and the final statement is that the bookmaker is excellent. Nothing more, nothing less. There are plenty of bookies out there that have better odds, bonuses, promotions and a broader range of sports. If I were you I would look at these bookies before:

However, if you are limited, I’m guessing Bruce Betting might be the answer. We made some high profit over the time we followed Bruce Betting, and we didn’t get limited. So, in this perspective, betting with Bruce is quite good.

2.5 rating

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