FreeSuperTips, this is HTR’s conclusion. First, Free super tips are a problematic service to write any sensible review about. We have tried our best, of course. The problem is that there are many tips – every day.

FreeSuperTips has too many betting tips

Everything from the Swedish Second League to the Premier League. It is thus impossible to keep track of all the suggestions. However, we have, quite arbitrarily, selected a few leagues and in particular, the most read tips. Whether this is objective or not – you must decide. I think it is better to be transparent with the methods, so you have to choose. Free Super Tips delivered initially. There were many football tips and yes, you could certainly call it Free Super Tips. However, the service did not quite manage. These are our free super tips results:

Name:FreeSuperTips / Free Super Tips
Profit:-121 points

However, it should be emphasized that they have a large variety of leagues. Enormously. Next review, we will explain the associations that are not as well-watched, maybe, the results will be different then. However, the conclusion is that Free super tips are more of a hobby business. That is if you are new to betting and enjoy playing football because it is fun. If, on the other hand, you are looking to make an ethical and sensible investment in betting, you should look through these football prediction sites instead:

5.0 rating
£50 Free bet
Tipster platform / Exchange bookie
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£29 per month £10 discount code: "horsetipstersreview"
5.0 rating
Treble tips
42,31% ROI
£15 per month
5.0 rating

Read the full list here.

Free Super Tips, do you make money?

Unfortunately, the short and perhaps boring answer is no. The tips posted on FreeSuperTips are merely mediocre. There is no “inside information”, at least not about FreeSuperTips football. I know some of our readers have talked about FreeSuperTips NBA, we haven’t included it in our review.

The problem with FreeSuperTips is that you do not know who or who it is that put out the specific bet. This also means that it is difficult to make a credible FreeSuperTips Reviews but above all difficult to relate to it as readers of Free Super Tips. Just because the tips are too many to be able to bet on them, fifteen betting banks would be required only to manage one day. But again, as we were before.

The meaning of FreeSuperTips is not that you should go away with an excellent investment; rather that you should be able to get a “subset” of the information regarding a match. You get good predictions before the games. This you can do what you want with it. It is not a tipster service, but you decide what is worth it and not.

free super tips / freesupertips

This is something good, I think. We get blind just to follow tipsters sometimes. That is, we are investing in everything that comes. It’s not always a healthy behaviour. Free Super Tips can be useful as a change if you feel like making your predictions. The conclusion is therefore that yes, you should test FreeSuperTips but you will not go from there more vibrant. Then there are other methods. We have listed some of them here. Good luck with your betting!

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