Who is the badman tipster, and what app does he use for his betting tips? Speaking of betting tips, how good is it?

We will report the badman tipster in this review. First and foremost, we can emphasize that this review is entirely independent, and as usual, there is no commercial interest on our part. The badman tipster is a free service with a variety of followers. At the time of writing, Badman has over 165k followers on twitter, and he is also high on Facebook. But who is the badman tipster and should you follow him?

Badman Tipster Exposed

Many reviews on Badman tipster begin their titles with Badman tipster exposed, and the reason is simply that this is precisely what he is. There are several news sources that have reported on Badman Tipster as a scam. That is, badman tipster gets affiliate money from various bookmakers to place bets. When I read those articles, I became curious. So I chose to follow him for a while. However, I only put in £ 1 stakes, just because I was pretty sure the Badman tipster was a scam and thus did not want to lose money on testing the service.

The first thing I noticed after following Badman Tipster was that the odds disappeared in seconds. It didn’t matter what match it was. It was insane. They could jump from 2.0 to 1.5 in minutes. However, this is not the badman tipster’s fault, instead of the number of followers who synchronized put the same bet.

I know this when I looked up the odds that Badman tipster had stated, and they often matched the odds checkers and more. So, so far, credible but the first insight was of course – I will not make any money.

I followed Badman tipster for two months and here are the results I got.

Dec -31,21% Return
Jan 5,32% Return

They don’t say much. Besides, it is impossible to jump at the right odds. Also, you can see at first glance that the badman tipster is a mediocre tipster with a lot of followers.

Who is Badman Tipster?

You will find Badman tipster on various social media, i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. What characterizes the badman tipster is his incredible follower scale. Badman tipster has a considerable following. I don’t know of any tipster who has so many followers if I’m to be honest. This is usually positive, but in this case, I do not know. It feels like many of his followers are there because of a promotional coup by various bookmakers. It feels misplaced.

So how does the Badman tipster make his money then?
At each “bet” he places you will find a direct link to the match at a bookmaker. You will then (probably) click on his link and place a bet. At this point, Badman tipster gets about 30% commission on your bet. Which can be extremely much considering he has such a high following.

My first thought is that Badman tipster has invested a lot to get his followers. Probably from the money he already earned on his previous followers. This approach means that Badman tipster can continuously gain new followers through advertising.

Everything indicates that the Badman tipster is a scam. Nothing else. As you probably saw, our results regarding Badman were inferior for having such a large following. Even with the odds stated, the service was worth following.

So please do yourself a favour and follow other football predictions as there are plenty of them. And many of them are also free, but that can deliver some return. It is worrying that people like Badman Tipster have so many followers. I mean, there are so many other services out there that are better. Especially in horse racing – my point is that it may not always be best to follow such accounts. At least not if your goal with the bet is to make money.

Following Badman tipster is for beginners

I guess 90% of Badman tipsters are beginners or people who have no significant interest in football betting. Which of course is okay. I think it’s the most common type of people. Those who bet because it’s fun.

And if you only bet a few pounds on a match to make it more exciting – keep gambling with the Badman tipster. However, if you are interested in making money on your betting, you should consider other methods. We have a lot of different guides listed here on our site. I would recommend that you read through some of them.

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