RF Racing Tips

RF Racing Tips

RF Racing Tips is a professional tipster on the Betting Gods Platform; what characterizes and summarizes tipsters on this Platform is that only the strong will survive. Tipsters that stand out and appear on the first page – are tipsters that have delivered excellent results. This makes it very easy to do reviews.

We know that Betting gods are credible after several reviews on various tipsters on their betting platform, where all of our results have coincided with theirs. This means that RF Racing Tips has excellent opportunities for returns.

Return of investment – RF Racing Tips Review

RF Racing Tips has one of the strongest and highest returns of investment for all the tipsters reported on this site. The results for RF Racing Tips are updated every month, and so far, the results look like this:

Name: RF Racing Tips
ROI: 17.00%
Profit: £1,764.30
Monthly profit: £147.03
Strike rate: 31.46%
Cost: £17 per month.
Trial: Yes, £1,99 trial here.

RF Racing Tips sends out the tips either the day before or the morning before various races. This is the most common method. There are, of course, anomalies, but, based on our calculations, you can assume that you get the tips in this timeline.

Horse racing Tipster service review: RF Racing Tips

RF Racing tips can be considered as a long standing service provider in Betting Gods. Indeed, it is one of the town’s most stable and reliable tipsters. All selections are from a famous tipster, called Roman!

A brief introduction on RF Racing Tips

If you are into the horse racing business, you will be always looking for factors that can define a successful tipster service provider. The most obvious answer is profit. The tipster site any one chooses has to help with a bigger and better profit than the rest. But, this is absolutely a subjective idea. One person’s definition for success will be different from another.

Fortunately, Betting Gods is a smart tool for gaining guidance in this domain. Unlike many other tipster sites that use dodgy tactics to boost their stats, and hide all their losing streaks – RF Racing Tips is reliable and accurate. They have never hidden their losses, or boosted their wins.

If you are aiming for a tipster service that ensures authentic results, RF Racing Tips might be the right platform for you.

What does the tipster service offer?

When you choose a tipster service provider from Betting Gods, you can be sure that the site is well tested. And, it is always a great place to begin from. What Darren has done with this platform is true art. The tipster service provider ensures a very standardized experience. it maintains extremely high standards.

The subscription

If you are a subscriber, you can expect the results to be given every day. The selections are driven by Roman himself. But, there can be some bad days when no bets are shared. This might not be a very bad thing about the tipster service. Instead, it proves their dedication towards the industry. At any cost, Roman and his team are determined to give you only the best and most reliable selections.

The selections from RF Racing Tips is always to the point. The selections are shared in two different platforms: by email or on the member area. You will find the member area in the Betting God’s website. Of course, the most sophisticated and modern way of receiving odds would be through the app. The app runs well on both Android and iOS devices.

The most inspiring and advantageous thing about this tipster service is when Roman gives the bets! You will receive the bets in the morning, between 7.30 and 9 AM. This is a great and a realistic time to receive the bets, and make use of t hem.

The numbers

On an average, the return on investment of RF Racing Tips is around 17%. You are like to make a monthly profit of around 147.03 Pounds. The strike rate of this tipster service is around 31.46 percent. And, this is definitely a great number for the horse racing tipster! To make use of RF Racing Tip’s suggestions, you need to pay 17 Pounds every month. Of course, you can start with the trial too. The trial costs around 1.99 Pounds.

A study on the return!

When this post was written, the RF Racing Tips delivered an overall profit of around 150 points. This may not seem like a very impressive figure. However, you need to take into consideration many other points. For example, the results were spaced between 9 long months. And, this is definitely a competitive achievement. This accounts to nearly a 100% boost on your betting bank. Both Betting Gods and Roman have never focused on the 2 point stakes either. This is what pads the overall results out.

The cost of RF Racing Tips

The cost of RF Racing Tips is £17 per month. Right now, there is a £1 offer on RF Racing Tips. Which we believe has great value and worth looking through. You also get different prices depending on how long you choose to subscribe to RF Racing Tips. That is, there are package prices that are worth looking through. Anyway, I recommend you try a trial before you decide.

The tips are sent out via email and on the app, which means you will need an email or a smartphone. My personal experience is that it is good to use both. Sometimes there is a delay between the app and email. This is important if you follow a tipster with many followers, as the odds can easily be ruined if you wait too long. Therefore, I recommend you to use both Betting Gods apps and email to get your accurate predictions in time.

And a tip: set your settings on Gmail (if you use it) to update email every 10 seconds. This is extremely important if you want to get your tips on time, especially if you are using a smartphone.

How To Use The Subscription

All tipsters on Betting Gods have some form of subscription; this also applies to RF Racing Tips. This means that you pay a monthly fee to be able to take part in various betting tips. Thus, as we mentioned above, it is possible to buy different types of the package price. With these offers, the monthly cost of, for example, RF Racing Tips becomes more affordable.

Also, there are other free services to choose from at Betting Gods. Regardless, you will benefit from buying the package price.

You can trust the Platform

As we mentioned earlier – we have verified Betting Gods. Betting gods is a tough but fair judge, and we can both ascertain and prove that Betting gods are a transparent and credible tipster platform, which means that the results reported for RF Racing Tips can be trusted, which is the main reason for their ranks on the best horse racing tipsters.

Verified by HTR

RF Racing Tips has passed our objective assessment template with good results, which means we approve of this tipster. If you want to learn more about RF Racing Tips, we advise you to look through results and more at Betting Gods. The results are easy to access, and you’ll learn how to navigate in seconds.

Do you want to add something? Use the comment section below! We always strive to make objective and trustworthy reviews, and that means we are still open to hearing your opinions. So feel free to share your experience with RF Racing Tips.

The conclusion

Not all tipster services are for everyone. But, you need to look for services that don’t deviate much from your expectations. If you want a low yield, low risk and inexpensive tipster service  – RF Racing Tips is great.

RF Racing Tips is a serious and an engaging platform. If you are going to measure success based on money, you might find the tipster service relevant and useful. The service is both inexpensive, and low risk.

RF Racing Tips
17.00% Return
£17 per month

RF Racing Tips sends out the tips either the day before or the morning before various races. This is the most common method.
Trust & Fairness
4.0 Overall Rating

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