How can you find a transparent Betting Gods Review that can keep both objectivity and trustworthiness?

In this Betting God’s Review, we will list the most important thing you should know when you are looking for the best tipsters out there.

We will ask and answer questions like, what decides if a betting service can be trusted and, is it possible to find the best horse racing tipsters at Betting Gods? It’s not impossible since we rank betting gods at place 2 over the best free horse racing tips.

It’s our honest and transparent Betting Gods Review. The question we ask ourselves, is Betting gods promoting a long-term return and profit based on their tipsters? And will you make money sports betting?

We will report the results in this Betting Gods review in general but also go into a bit more detail on the specific tipster services they offer.

We have touched the topic a little spruce up earlier, as we have outlined some of the tipsters that Betting gods offer and therefore, markets. Let’s start with our Betting Gods review. 


Is it useful to use Betting gods?

Many people are wondering if it is worth paying for various betting services or professional tipsters and their analysis.

I might be a bit biased. But, in my case, it’s essential. For a relatively small amount per month (which means nothing if you make a profit) you can get betting tips with great value. 

It takes time to become proficient at sports betting. Whether it is football, horse racing or golf, in this Betting gods review, you will see they have gathered all of these betting experts in one place.

There are a lot of professional tipsters out there

That professional tipster would be a shortcoming is a direct lie. Most professional tipsters claim that their betting service is one of the better ones – perhaps even the best.

These pop up everywhere. For example, on Tipstrr as we have done a review on before. 

That is, anyone can make a tipster account on that page, and with a little flow, the return will be positive. There are no direct requirements for professional tipsters out there.

I would say that Betting gods have insight here. It’s harder to get listed as a service on their website. You have to show consistency for some months before your name even pops up on their site. 


Betting gods make demands

Betting gods make demands, what do I mean by that? Well, unlike Tipstrr and other betting service sites, Betting gods require that you have to show a return before you appear on the site.

Therefore, Betting Gods filters out bad tipsters. Consequently, bad tipsters may never appear or receive any attention on Betting God’s platform.

Betting Gods Review: Professional Tipsters under the same roof

 The idea is just like Tipstrr, that is, gathering a variety of professional tipsters under the same roof. It is a collection site with the same transparency as any. 

From there, you as a paying customer can easily navigate through various professional tipsters based on their return of investment.

To determine your own portfolio in a simple and somewhat entertaining way. You are therefore offered different prices based on assessments.

However, you don’t need to sign up to any tipster. The best tip I can give you is to sign up for Betting God’s Free Tips. Its, obviously free, and you will get free racing tips every day. 

Betting Gods Review

It is just like any other betting service out there. It usually means no guarantee of return. You invest, sometimes things go well, sometimes less well.

If we are allowed to be a little cynical, with professional tipsters, you increase your chances of actually making a profit.

My advice is, therefore, to create a portfolio that contains a variation of tipsters. In this Betting God Review, we have included some tipsters you might find profitable.

Don’t just settle for a service. Start with at least two betting services. With this approach, you minimize the risks considerably, and the “guarantee problem” is quickly eliminated in your profit.

Should You Use Betting Gods?

According to Betting Gods, they have about 100,000 punters out there who receive their racing tips daily.

You rarely argue with mass, according to philosophy, it is a classic fallacy. But it is at least an indicator that many people appreciate Betting Gods services.

Betting god’s best tipsters

Each tipster found on Betting gods has a personal section. That explains the amount of data. It is thus effortless to see history and profit, or no gain.

While giving the impression of a classy and relatively information-poor betting site in general. This is what it looks like according to our Betting gods review.

#1 Quentin franks Racing

Quentin launched the Quentin Franks Racing service in July 2014 and since then has produced £13,377.40 with £10 bets

Tips Sent: Between 8.30am to 9.30am

#2 Bookies enemy

Gary launched the The Bookies Enemy service in July 2017 and since then has produced £5,305.30 with £10 bets

Tips Sent: Between 7pm to 8pm

#3 The Horse Conqueror

William launched the The Horse Conqueror service in March 2019 and since then has produced £1,731.30 with £10 bets

Tips Sent: Between 7-8pm

#4 Each Way Leader

Jim launched the Each Way Leader service in September 2017 and since then has produced£2,487.60 with £10 bets

Tips Sent: Between 7.30am to 8.30am

#5 vision racing

Mark launched the Vision Racing service in October 2018 and since then has produced £2,269.50 with £10 bets

Tips Sent: Between 7-9am

#6 qf value tips

Quentin launched the QF Value Tips service in February 2016 and since then has produced £5,072.30 with £10 bets

Tips Sent: Between 5pm to 6pm

#7 Horse Network Tipster

Harry launched the Horse Network Tipster service in May 2018 and since then has produced £5,657.18 with £10 bets

Tips Sent: Between 7pm and 9pm

#8 Flat Racing Master

Matt launched the Flat Racing Master service in December 2015 and since then has produced £9,009.98 with £10 bets

Tips Sent: Between 7am and 9am

best tipsters at betting gods

These top tipsters that appear higher up are Betting God’s best racing tipsters. We have ranked them based on our knowledge and experience. 

Thus, there is no guarantee that these will continue to deliver the same return. It’s simply betting. It is not risk-free. But the reason we have ranked these tipsters is simple.

If you have a long experience of making a return on something, the likelihood is that you will continue. That goes for everything. 

Not just horse betting. It means that we can only work on probability and indications when deciding which ones to include in our portfolio.

If you feel that it is too risky to pay for a service without guarantees, then I can advise you to sign up for Betting gods free racing tips

It is thus completely free. 

The tips come from various inform tipsters found on their site. That said – totally free, and will remain open.

Paid professional tipsters

In addition to Betting God’s free racing tips, or newsletters as they usually call it – you have to pay for the service. If you want to take part in a tipster at Betting God’s, that is.

Just as we have been in the past, this cost varies slightly depending on the tipster.

My tip is to look through various professional tipsters and their offers. Many have suggestions for £1- 5 a month. Or other package prices. Please put it about your estimated return.

I would advise you not to buy a package price before you have at least gained some knowledge about the betting system. That is; read it carefully. 

What time of day the tips are published is an essential factor for me.

Balance in number of tipsters

We rubbed the subject before.

If you follow ten professional tipsters, your bank may be blown up in a few days’ losses. So it is risky.

Just as if you only follow one tipster who fails to deliver a return. I don’t know what works for you. It all depends on your bank. 

But if you are brand new with these types of investments and are looking to make some extra money, I recommend you start with two or three tipsters and check out the horse racing betting sites.

Feel the position. If you are satisfied, continue. If you are not satisfied, replace someone or add someone if your bank allows. But do not get overbearing.



Betting god’s has, as we have previously determined, a large number of punters following their betting service. Of course, this is an indicator that their systems are working and that their customers are satisfied.

Also, the prices for various tipping services are reasonable. Thus, the monthly costs for multiple systems are reasonable. Also, a lot of package prices and other offers are great.

If you are aware that there are risks and no safe investments, neither in the stock market nor in the horse racing market, then you should sign up for their newsletter, this way you can feel how Betting God’s works, and whether the prices are concerning what you value.

 If you rather bet on your own, you might want to read our guide to make money sports betting.

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