Angel Business Club

Introducing the Angel Business Club: The Angel Business Club is a private business investment Club with thousands of active members around the world, founded in 2015. It’s service limited to its members only. If you want massive rewards in investing in small businesses that have the potential to become the next huge, then Angel Business Club is just for you.

It provides investment opportunities to its subscribers, generally focusing on the start-up businesses.
You can get the opportunity to invest in real small privately-owned businesses every month. But you need to pay a small amount of registration fee or admin fee. You get to invest in such companies without having any special skills.
It is affordable, safe, receive shares every month, excellent track record,
Any investments offered to Club members is done by “Capital Plus Partners,” a company approved and regulated by FCA.

Club members receive shares of start-up businesses every month

The Club has an impressive track record, since 2015. A fast-growing portfolio:

  • The Angel Business Club already has an impressive collection of investments for its members.
  • The Club carefully selects opportunities to invest where they can also add value through skills and experience to accelerate the growth. It’s a unique business accelerator that takes an active interest in the businesses it investments.
  • Shares owned by Club members are from companies like Widecells Group PLC, Rockster Ltd(A premium brand for dog food with massive ambitions), Firescape (A British company deals with firefighting products, with worldwide potential), etc.
  • Members can hold their shares or can sell them to other members. If any member wishes to “cash out” early, they can take advantage of the private internal share exchange. The internal dialogue is open for 24*7.
  • The members can exchange information, market knowledge and participate in business growth. You can be part of any business by acquiring its shares. But you need to have some professional experience with the company you are investing in.

How to invest?

There are different membership options with Angel Business Club, which promises you to earn. There is also an option for students who want to invest, but you must be over 18 and must have a valid student identity proof. There is also a free membership, which allows minimal access to the detail contained within Angel Business Club.
However, It does not give a money-back guarantee.

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