Horse Racing is cancelled due to the Corona virus

We have sad news.

Horse Racing is cancelled until April due to the pandemic caused by Corona. The goal from the beginning was to continue as usual. That is, with closed doors for various racing events. But after a more robust move from the Government, the British Horseracing Authority also changed its approach.

It is clear from statements that this decision is based primarily on medical grounds.

Many are now worried about what will happen. Not least for the Coronavirus. Also, how the horse racing market will cope, the market is estimated to be worth over £4 b —this only for the UK.

Six-week Break

The larger and more established companies will probably have no significant difficulties. Instead, this break will hit harder on staff and smaller companies. So now a six-week long break is expected. It’s necessary, but man. It’s boring.

However, there are other things in life than horse racing. And I hope this approach will be fruitful even though I have my doubts. According to most studies and experts in the subject, the corona-virus will be here for a long time.

Of course, our thoughts go to all the elderly and those in the risk group for Corona. It seems that pausing horse racing appears to be the most sensible decision. I hope we can fix the problem soon.

Stay healthy.

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