The Horse Conqueror Review | With Special Discount

The Horse Conqueror Review | With Special Discount

The Horse Conqueror Review

The Horse Conqueror is a professional tipster on the Betting Gods Platform; what characterizes and summarizes tipsters on this Platform is that only the strong will survive.

Tipsters that stand out and appear on the first page – are tipsters that have delivered excellent results. This makes it very easy to do reviews.

We know that Betting gods are credible after several reviews on various tipsters on their betting platform, where all of our results have coincided with theirs. This means that The Horse Conqueror has excellent opportunities for returns.

Return of investment – The Horse Conqueror Review

The Horse Conqueror has one of the strongest and highest returns of investment for all the tipsters reported on this site. The results for The Horse Conqueror are updated every month, and so far, the results look like this:

Name:The Horse Conqueror
ROI: 19.30%
Profit: £1,987.80
Monthly Profit: £166.49
Strike rate: 19.02%
Cost: £27 per month
Special discount:Yes, here.

The Horse Conqueror sends out their tips either the day before or the morning before various races. This is the most common method. There are, of course, anomalies, but, based on our calculations, you can assume that you get the tips in this timeline.

The cost of The Horse Conqueror

The cost of The Horse Conqueror is £27 per month. Right now, we can offer on special discount with The Horse Conqueror. Which we believe has great value and worth looking through. You also get different prices depending on how long you choose to subscribe to The Horse Conqueror. That is, there are package prices that are worth looking through. Anyway, I recommend you try a trial before you decide.

The Horse Conqueror

The tips are sent out via email and on the app, which means you will need an email or a smartphone. My personal experience is that it is good to use both. Sometimes there is a delay between the app and email. This is important if you follow a tipster with many followers, as the odds can easily be ruined if you wait too long. Therefore, I recommend you to use both Betting Gods apps and email to get your accurate predictions in time.

And a tip: set your settings on Gmail (if you use it) to update email every 10 seconds. This is extremely important if you want to get your tips on time, especially if you are using a smartphone.

How To Use The Subscription

All tipsters on Betting Gods have some form of subscription; this also applies to The Horse Conqueror. This means that you pay a monthly fee to be able to take part in various betting tips. Thus, as we mentioned above, it is possible to buy different types of package price. With these offers, the monthly cost of, for example, The Horse Conqueror becomes more affordable.

Also, there are other free services to choose from at Betting Gods. Regardless, you will benefit from buying the package price.

You can trust the Platform

As we mentioned earlier – we have verified Betting Gods. Betting gods is a tough but fair judge, and we can both ascertain and prove that Betting gods are a transparent and credible tipster platform, which means that the results reported for The Horse Conqueror can be trusted, which is the main reason for their ranks on the best horse racing tipsters.

The Betting Tips

All tipsters use betting tips to market their service and create long-lasting relationships with their customers. Regarding The Horse Conqueror, the betting tips are not standing out that much. Usually, the betting tips are well accounted for, and you’ll get enough of them. That is, you are not bombed with tips every day, as The Horse Conquerorhas a quality approach.

It is is a good thing, as this leads to a secure and trustworthy relationship between the tipster and punter.

Personal thoughts – Review on The Horse Conqueror

The Horse Conqueror placed his first bet on March 7, 2019. That day resulted in £ 32 profit. Based on four bets. After that, The Horse Conqueror embarked on a journey towards the absolute top in horse racing tipsters.

He ended the month of March with a profit. But it wasn’t until April 2019 that The Horse Conqueror showed his true betting skills. As he placed a bet on Hammer Gun, odds of 23 times the money. The following month, The Horse Conqueror bet on Miss Sheridan, another horse with high odds. This time 15 times the money. The month of May ended with a good return of investment, and all of a sudden, The Horse Conqueror now has three perfect months. If we jump back to the present; Specifically, January 2020. This is where I caught my eye on this tipster, and chose to account for him in this Horse Conqueror review.

Daytime Ahead is spotted with 34 times the money and makes a daily profit of £ 330 (based on £ 10 stakes). It was a memorable day, and it belongs to the usual. As you may have noticed in this The Horse Conqueror review, this is a tipster who dots underdogs, and he does well.

What I like about him is that there is a balance in the underdogs. I will explain this even more clearly in this The Horse Conqueror review. What I mean is that some days, this tipster can bet on odds over 30 times the money, while other days the odds land at 4.33 up to 6.00. There is a stable balance, and it is a fun tipster to follow. Above all, it’s fun when these underdogs are spotted and win big. We have mentioned a few of these in this The Horse Conqueror review, but there are many of them.

The last month has been a bit on and off. The flow has not been there. Many of the stakes that The Horse Conqueror has tipped on have come 2a or 3a, which is typical of all racing tipsters. Some periods go slow. But I’m convinced that The Horse Conqueror will reverse this quickly. We have put it before how he has turned a bad period into a good period through a single bet. Therefore, I have full confidence that this tipster will reverse this quickly. And when he does, I will at least try to have money in the horse that is being betted on.

Another insight I have about The Horse Conqueror is that he seems to be genuine. Both as a tipster but above all, you get a feeling that he has a great interest in the sport. There are character and affirmative analyzes behind each bet. Not a tipster that sends out some tips at random.

Instead, it feels like this tipster has thought through his bets. Now, of course, I can’t read thoughts, but this is just something I’ve observed. It is also reflected in the bets that are sent out since the average bet per day is somewhere at 2.5. Which means you can count on about 2 to 3 bets per day. For me, it is good; it means that there is some balance.

Besides, I have an extraordinary inclination for tipsters who do not throw out various betting tips. It has something to do with credibility—also, the risk increases, the more bets that are sent out.

In any case, my personal opinion is that I would instead choose a tipster that gives out fewer bets per day. It is safer. Besides that, I think The Horse Conqueror win rate is in phase with the risk. It stands at about 18%, which can be considered relatively low risk. Thus, the lower win rate usually means higher odds. Which, in turn, usually means more prolonged periods of losses, thus increasing risks and more. As for the odds, these are at about 8.

So, my final word about this tipster is that I think you should look after yourself. It’s a very exciting tipster, and I’ll be updating this The Horse Conqueror review soon.

And, as I mentioned before, I am convinced that The Conqueror will reverse this trend, probably with a real underdog. I will do everything to be on that horse. Will you?

How To Use The Horse Conqueror

It’s quite simple, to be honest, all you need to do is to sign up with The Horse Conqueror and then wait for the betting tips. And when you get the tips, you act fast. Remember, The Horse Conqueror has a lot of followers, and the odds can, therefore, vanish in seconds if you don’t pay attention. So, whenever you get betting tips from The Horse Conqueror, try to be as fast as possible.

I don’t want to stress you, but this is gambling. Most of the betting sites online are strict when it comes to odds. Automatic systems help them to spread odds and stuff like that. Therefore, you want to be as fast as possible when you are betting with The Horse Conqueror.

The horse conqueror has become an interesting and a new addition to the list of stable tipsters. This is a powerful horse racing tipster platform, which has delivered some promising results since inception. 

A brief introduction

First things first, you might feel incredibly connected with this website. If you have been aiming for a Betting Gods Team, Horse Conqueror might be what you are searching for. Most people find the site both confident and professional. The traffic towards this tipster increased exponentially. The place was launched and managed by Darren; it’s the founder. If you take a good look at Darren’s profit and loss chart, you will see a stunning mountain, which appears like a diagram drawn by a kid. And, this is one of the best things about the Horse Conqueror. Above all, the services offered by this platform are highly poised. This means betting cannot get any better. As you bet, you are likely to see some returns too. 

Offerings from the Horse Conqueror

Now, let’s study more about what The Horse Conqueror has to offer. This Betting Gods environment maintains very high standards. When it comes to service logistics, you will be surprised by the offerings of The Horse Conqueror. 

Many times, you will be dealing with straightforward parameters. This is a day-to-day based tipster service. Very rarely would you come across a no-bet day? As you wake up in the morning, you will be issued a new range of selections. The selections will reach you in different ways. Regardless of the mode, there will be sufficient information. With the help of these details, you will be able to place successful bets. Indeed, the odds of you winning are much higher through The Horse Conqueror.

The selections

As mentioned previously, you can handpick selections in numerous ways. The most common method would be via email. Of course, the other process involves logging into your Betting Gods site and searching for the selections. To make things much more convenient, you can opt to read your Betting Gods application choices. The app runs smoothly on both Android and iOS devices.

So, at what time can you expect the selections? 

According to experts, this is a feature that differentiates The Horse Conqueror from the rest. This tipster service makes sure that all selections are available between 7 and 9 in the morning. This clearly means people who work between 9 and 5 PM are still able to make a safe bet. Hence, you don’t need to skip work, or worry about missing your important meetings for a chance! 

The best!

Now, let’s review more about The Horse Conqueror’s bets. When compared to many other tipster sites, this one enjoys the right amount of traffic. But, the kind of traffic you see here will not be apt for everybody. Most of the time, you will find William making only four to five bets. This makes the stakes highly manageable. Yet, some of these days have been genuinely historical, where William places many more bets. The fluctuation is quite prominent in this tipster service. If you are someone who doesn’t enjoy vast volumes of bets – The Horse Conqueror is an excellent choice for you.

According to betting gods, the average odds of The Horse Conqueror is around 7.69. This is a great achievement for a tipster service. 

The fall

The Horse Conqueror doesn’t provide ample information about the selection process. This is what makes the tipster service a little complicated. Some say that the lack of knowledge is often mitigated by the massive profits generated by the service. A majority of the data and bets are provided concisely. 

The price!

You can subscribe to The Horse Conqueror in many ways. For a budget-conscious better, the site’s 29 Pounds per month (+ VAT) option would be great. If you have a few more bucks in your pocket, you can opt for the yearly subscription at 279 Pounds (+VAT). Technically, the annual subscription is cheaper than the monthly one.

Verified by HTR

The Horse Conqueror has passed our objective assessment template with good results, which means we approve of this tipster. If you want to learn more about The Horse Conqueror, we advise you to look through results and more at Betting Gods. The results are easy to access, and you’ll learn how to navigate in seconds.

Do you want to add something? Use the comment section below! We always strive to make objective and trustworthy reviews, and that means we are still open to hearing your opinions. So feel free to share your experience with The Horse Conqueror.

Horse Conqueror
19,23% Return
£27 per month

The Horse Conqueror sends out their tips either the day before or the morning before various races. This is the most common method.
Trust & Fairness
4.8 Overall Rating

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