Could this Quentin Franks Racing review be one of the best right now? According to our stats, he might be one of the best laying horses tipsters.

Since we have been following Quentin Franks Racing for one more year since the last review, we thought we should make an update.

Quentin Franks Racing could be one of the better racing tipsters around right now. The approach of Quentin Franks Racing service is easy: he sends the tips out in the morning and with average odds 6, with an average of 2 bets per day.

The price for the service differs since Betting gods (where Quentin Franks Racing publish) will have different offers – depending on the day. But right now there’s a 3 months offer for £29.

The platform for Quentin Frank Racing is Betting Gods

Betting gods is a large and trustworthy site with many years in the industry. It’s not all good though, but one of the problems we have with Quentin Franks racing and other tipsters from Betting Gods are the odds.

Let’s say you get an email for the tips with the odds of 7; then you should be glad to stake at 6.50. The higher the odds, the less accurate. Since Quentin Franks Racing average odd is around 6, the problem it’s not that big – but it’s worth mentioning. Betting Gods offers free racing tips as well. It’s worth checking out.

When it comes to Quentin Franks Racing, he is one of the most rewritten racing tipsters right now.

Quentin Franks Racing

We started following Quentin Franks Racing in February 2017. According to Betting Gods the bank was worth £9848 in that time, and two years later that bank had grown to £13,563.

Betting gods report an overall return of investment on 20.88% with an average of £244 monthly growth. However, those figures aren’t that striking – since, well we don’t trust anybody but us and our own tracking.

Therefore; we will present two figures, the first figure are Betting gods tracking over Quentin Franks Racing and the second figure is based on our own tracking.

Betting gods report an overall return of investment on 20.88% with an average of £244 monthly growth.

As you can see, the figures differ some. However, we will present two reasons for these numbers:

  1. As we said before, the odds that Betting gods present are often higher than the odds given on Betfair Exchange. Which means that the return of investment and bank presented by Betting gods are based on slightly too generous odds.
  2. As you can see, both the recorded return of investment (-2,64%) and the bank (-£163) show an advantage to Betting gods. 

However, in our opinion, these numbers are still OK. Based on experiences from other tipsters, these numbers are good for Quentin Franks Racing. 

Quentin Franks Racing Review

The man behind the “Quentin Franks Racing” is likeable, and he replies to customers objections and upshots. Sometimes, Quentin Franks Racing sends out informative emails – describing situations and making sure that his customers understand his strategy.

Since we have been following Quentin Franks Racing for more than two years, we had our share of bad periods. What we noticed during these periods were indeed unpleasant, but Quentin Franks Racing stood his ground and requested further believes in his strategy and he keeps make money sports betting.

The customers were getting edgy and impatient

But as soon as the wind had changed – the customers changed their attitude. Based on our report and personal experience, we would recommend you to subscribe to Quentin Frank Racing.

The point with the review was to establish whether Quentin Franks Racing is one of the best horse racing tipsters out there – and to be honest; he might be.

However, my view of this is somewhat simple, its rare to find a racing tipster that can keep winning like Quentin Franks Racing.

The man has been around for a very long time, and the principal is easy – long term. So instead of searching for horse racing tips each day or reading newspaper about today’s naps, subscribe to one of the better-laying horse’s tipsters and read our Quentin Franks Racing Review!  Don’t forget to read the full list at horse racing betting sites. 

Subscribe to a winning tipster with years of profit.

I like the email service, and I love the volume of tips as I’ve already stated in this Quentin Franks Racing review. The average tips are 2 per day. I have a penchant for betting service that is restrictive in their suggestions.

Do not misunderstand me, everyone wants to make a profit, and of course, you make more profit if the tipster in question can produce twenty tips per day with the same return.

But, it also means a more significant danger and higher bank. There were few negative trends when we followed Quentin – and the losses hardly felt as stated in this Quentin Franks Racing review.

I think these prices for betting assistance have become normalized. However, I would like to highlight that I wouldn’t say I love this course. Got any suggestions regarding this Quentin Franks Racing Review? Leave a comment.

3.8 rating

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