• PROFIT 95% 95%
  • TIME 75% 75%
  • PRICE 25% 25%
  • RISK 20% 20%

Ron Williams Racing – Review

It has now been 4 months since we started following Ron Williams Racing, which means it’s time to report our results. It has been a fairly stable journey, with no major downturns. On the other hand – a cumulative rise.

Ron Williams Racing style is relatively simple: he sends out his tips late in the evening before the race, and the most common is 2 racing tips a day.

However, it varies between 0-5 tips/day. Ron Williams uses both Each Way / Winners. One note is that: it works just fine to place winners instead of Each way, this is usually a problem for all exchange users. That is, being able to place Each way the night before the race (with the odds that are published).

Cost £37 (14 days for £1 here)
Bets per day 1-2
Platform Email service

Does Ron Williams Racing make profit?

Yes, our results are determined – and the return does not take long and the risk is (probably) the lowest of all the services we have done a review on.

This is one of the reasons we actually rated Ron Williams Racing the best, on our list over the best horse racing tipsters.

Months with negative trends have not yet occurred – which is very positive. We will go through Ron Williams’ own stats for the period as well as our own stats.

What struck me when I compiled the data for Ron Williams was just his incredible devotion and his talent to avoid negative trends.

Table 1. Ron Williams Racing – Results past 4 month

Return of investment: 21,08%
Bank Growth: £1509

Table 2. Horse Reviews Tipster – Results

Return of investment: 20,7%
Bank Growth: + £1478
Points: + 53
Time tracking: 4 months

Ron Williams racing, his return of investment puts him in a second place, behind HODL (-0.65%) and just in front Quentin Franks Racing with (+2,46%).

He’s doing this while keeping his return stable over time. I am very pleased with these results and I think the person behind Ron Williams is even more satisfied than me.

However, we have only followed Ron Williams for 4 months, that means two things: the results may be misleading in the long run – however, Ron Williams’ own tracking shows satisfactory results.

Secondly; there will be an updated review from us shortly!

Personal thoughts about Ron Williams Racing

I think Ron Williams racing service is great and professional and its a great way to make money sports betting. The tips are sent out at the same time each day while the volume of tips is pretty much the same.

Anyway, what I love most about Ron Williams Racing is the stability.

Ron Williams Racing turns Each way / Winner to a positive long-term trend! The commandment you should bring with you from here: Ron Williams Racing holds a high level in all categories and he does it without any stomach ache.



Ron Williams Racing has the #5 rank on our site. This means he’s one of the best horse racing tipsters around right now. There are several reasons for this rank, but mostly it’s because of Ron Williams profit and professional betting service.

The price he posts is the prices you get.

Also, Ron Williams Racing has a high winning rate which means that the risk is low. However, its horse racing – the risk is always there. But of course, you already know that. 

Obviously, Ron Williams Racing is a tipster we would recommend. 

Ron Williams Racing

Ron Williams Racing is one of few horse racing tipsters that offers a test period. Personally, I think it shows devotion and self-confidence. Well yes, before anyone corrects me – you get the test period for £ 1. I would call it free anyway.

If you want to test a free alternative we can really recommend you to try Tipstrr’s Free Daily Tips. They are currently ranked #1 over best horse racing tipsters. Furthermore, they smash their competitors, even though the service is completely free.

If you are interested in learning how to create your own strategies on how to make money sports betting, we can offer such guides as well.