HODL Review – With Tracking

I have received many inquiries regarding this (relatively new) horse racing tipster. His name is HODL and yes, the figures presented on Tipstrr are magnificent. The first time we came in contact with HODL was 5 months ago – his name was printed on every horse racing banner over the entire Tipstrr-site. We became so curious – and now we have a result. 

What’s the style of this Tipster?

Simple and clean I would describe it as – and what I mean by that is; the odds are relatively low – the average odds are 5 and the strike rate is 30%. This simply means (pretty) low risks. However, there has been a month with, well let’s call it a negative trend – Hardly anything remarkable for a horse racing tipster though. The problem with service’s like HODL’s have some losing weeks or months is that because of the frequency of tips that are posted – your portfolio takes a relatively hard slap.

Where do I join?

Unfortunately, Tipstrr has locked new requests to join HODL. Therefore, we cannot safely present the costs for his service – however, we have paid £ 39 per month. But don’t be sad yet! HODL actually has another channel, in order to access his telegram channel, you need to contact him on twitter! Updated 30/03 – serivce is unlocked.

Do you make profit?

According to Tipstrr you do, we started tracking HODL in October and we will present two figures, one from Tipstrr’s tracking and the other based on our own tracking. 

Figure 1. Tipstrr’s results:

Return of investment: 23,26%
Bank growth: £3461
Points: –        

Figure 2. Our own tracking:

Return of investment: 21,35%
Bank growth: £3356
Points:  +173

As you can see, the results are very similar. The difference is only a few percent in return of investment (-1,91%) and bank growth (-£105) which can be classified as real good. The differences are probably a results of Tipstrr BOG’s, the platform automatically update odds with best odds guarantee. So, in case of big drifts the odds will be a little generous compared to the odds we are getting on. However, as you may have noticed the tracked return of investment is the highest return of investment we have ever tracked on a paid service (Quentin Franks second with 18.24%). And what’s really interesting with HODL’S Service is the points, the man is absolutely insane – since he has provided us with over 800 tips these months. Did we answer the question? Yeah, you kinda make a profit.

Personal thoughts

I’ve talked to the guy behind the service several times. When I had a question he answered back to me in seconds. The man behind HODL seems to be very generous. You get the picture that HODL is really passionate about what he does, and cares more about the quality of his service than the number of customers.

Note: if you look at HODL’s profile on Tipstrr you will see that his recorded return of investment is higher, somewhere at 27% – that’s the longterm profit for those who have been following him from the start. Maybe those scores are more accurate than ours, but you probably get the picture alright: Tipstrr has proven to be a reliable source of tracking. This is also why I personally like the platform: All services found on Tipstrr get their picks administered by the staff at Tipstrr – which means no cheating or misleading odds.

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