The Pick Buffet | Stay the *** away

Renowned sports bettor con artist “John Morrison” is back with the Picks Buffet Sports Betting System.

Kindly help yourself out and avoid this.

The website should be the first indicator its a scam. It looks disgusting, and the first thought you get is that you want to run away quick.

At the point when I initially caught wind of this, I thought it was the genuine article. Morrison (which is a false name) will pursue various distinctive handicapper benefits and will email out the most famous plays of the day. Sounds extraordinary, correct?

Well, tragically, there are numerous blemishes with his framework.

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He gives day by day records, however, doesn’t consider that frequently you will wager top picks up to – 200 or higher on the Moneyline with the MLB picks. So having a winning record doesn’t mean you are winning cash.

He is additionally known to be a significant con artist that fixes his framework records and makes up records that can’t be confirmed.

After you pursue Picks Buffet, you won’t get access to the entirety of the picks. They will request that you move up to the VIP record, and they will ask you the amount you can stand to pay on the off chance that you can’t manage the cost of the update cost. They need just need more cash from you.

About the off possibility that you take a brant at the Picks Buffet deals page, you will perceive how enormous of a joke “John Morrison” is.

Investigate the image of the Man Purse loaded up with what appears to be photoshopped counterfeit money.

Gracious, and the false picture of himself on the site have changed throughout the years.

Help yourself out and withdraw from his mailing list. I trust this survey of Picks Buffet has helped set aside you some cash.

Stay away.

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