WinPlayTips – Review

Welcome to our WinPlayTips Review! We have been following the service for a couple of months. I thought it was time to report on our results. Initially, I want to say that WinPlayTips has exceeded my expectations. Many wanted a review on WinPlayTips while I was a bit reluctant to follow the person at all. I can’t answer why, and I’m glad I followed your pressure!

WinPlayTips – How does it work?

WinPlayTips provides quality tips. It means that you will receive two tips per day. I think this is a reasonable approach. There is nothing worse about starting to follow a new tipster that gives out hundreds of tips a week; because that means high risks.

With WinPlayTips you don’t have to worry. The tips are thus based on quality, not quantity. What I liked about WinPlayTips was their transparency; they gave detailed descriptions for each bet. It is quite unusual in this industry. It’s something you see in Football betting, but more rarely in horse racing. It is at least very positive, I mean.

Also, WinPlayTips offers its punters to Exchange. It is where their entire success story is based on. Many who become successful suffer from limitations. I mean, suffer. It’s a disease. Therefore, I believe that if you can somehow move from horse racing bookmakers – you should take the step into the Exchange. It guarantees that your account is never consumed or limited because you win by other people.

WinPlayTips Review – Results

These are our results after following WinPlayTips for three months. We will update these results continuously during this WinPlayTips review which is ongoing for six months.

Nov 91,21% Return
Dec 18,21% Return
Jan 29,12% Return

WinPlayTips Publish their tips the same day

This usually happens in the morning. During the period I followed WinPlayTips, the odds were about the same, regardless of when you placed your bet. About 30 minutes before the race, the odds began to disappear. This is an indicator that the tips are of high value. It was strange because it basically never failed.

One last comment on WinPlayTips

I think WinPlayTips is an excellent tipster service that deserves more attention. Their plan is simple; the website is simple; their approach is simple. It is merely a tipster who knows what he is doing. Remember that we only followed WinPlayTips for three months.

It means that the results presented in this WinPlayTips

The review should be taken with a pinch of salt. We have all ways horse racing tipsters that can deliver in 3 months. However, it should be emphasized that WinPlayTips has made this profit on Exchange. It is sporadic in this industry. We should be honest with that. Excellent job!

Visit their site here.

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