Flashscore is a site that provides stats on football, tennis, golf, darts and more. We will focus on flashscore tennis & football in this review, especially since this is something that has been requested by our readers.

The first thing you encounter when visiting Flashscore is a solid list of different games and sports. The fact that they have darts Flashscore is an indicator that they have a great selection. Furthermore, it is straightforward to navigate through Flashscore. The games presented, whether it be tennis or football, are designing in a very stylish way. You can quickly get information on past match events, just as you can access information about the team or players.

This is Flashscore

This concerns the form or general history, which is very necessary if you want to put a decent bet on the match. My spontaneous thought when using flashscore was that it was straightforward to find information. It is enough to click on a game, for example, tennis or football – and you get both match summary and h2h within the same box. However, what I lack is more information. There are lots of betting sites out there that display flash scores with 10x more information. These are just a few examples:

It is almost always played any match of interest, whether it is football, ice hockey or tennis. If you are a sports fan, you may have favourite teams in several different sports and maybe even multiple favourites in the same game. With the FlashScore, you get a smooth service that helps you keep track of all your teams. You can get push notifications when your teams play matches, or goal-scoring, red cards etc. Flashscore is free and updated continuously to live up to FlashScore’s reputation as the largest live score service.

Track your game with updated stats at Flashscore

Those who like to bet will appreciate FlashScore and their range of updated stats for individual players, teams and entire series.

With a few simple clicks, you will get information about a team. You can, check statistics for home and away matches, the latest results, bilateral meetings, injured and suspended players, updated tables with form curve and shooting leagues.

But, it should be remembered that Flashscore is free. You don’t even need to register. It is simple and very user-friendly. This reminds me of the old days. That was about what the internet looked like ten years ago when I started to bet.

The sites where you could find these types of “flash scores” were always free, and were funded through advertising. However, I prefer the alternatives today. Because they are better, that is, paid services. It may sound obvious, but for many, it is not. But of course, it is all about what you are looking for. If you are just a hobby gambler, then you probably don’t care.

We want more match info

However, if you are serious about your betting and see it more as an investment, you should not use flashscore as your primary source of information. Instead, it would help if you looked through other football prediction sites. There are many, and we have barely gone through a fraction of all available pages that serve as flash scores.

However, the conclusion is that Flashscore is worth looking through. Especially if you are interested in darts or tennis, there are not as many analysis and state programs for these sports. At least, the ones that exist aren’t as developed as football, for example, which is a shame, of course.

Another thing I want to pay homage to Flashscore is their range. We talked about it earlier. But it should be emphasized. They have hundreds of leagues, and this is just the case for football. Then they have surveillance on all types of sports like darts, tennis, snooker, golf and much more.

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