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So we have tested Pro Betting Club and here’s our statement

Are you one of the few who had the privilege of testing Pro Betting Club? The reason we throw in the word privilege; many of Pro Betting Club’s services are full. This actually proved to be a good sign. We have tested the service and have a final statement.

Pro Betting Club markets itself by asking you questions as a customer. Among other things, if you have had problems with other services before. It sounds a bit like this: Have you previously used betting systems that, instead of giving you returns, only gave you losses?

Furthermore, they explain that their systems are not at all like other betting systems. We should go through whether this is true or not, do not worry.

Pro Betting Club has several services

Pro Betting Club has several different tipsters and services. Everything happens under the same roof. You can subscribe to all services, though – some are already full.

The active tipsters are at Pro Betting Club offers you to make an extra income. The results are shown and recorded at their page. We have also recorded the results these last months. These results will be reported below. 


Different type of betting service

If you are looking for a genuine and transparent betting service we can recommend Pro Betting Club. This is because the people behind the product succeed in providing a long-term return. But again, this will be reported further down.

Pro Betting Club describes itself as a team of racing experts, who have delivered long-term returns to their customers.

They also describe that their goal is to produce honest and professional racing information – which means that various portfolio grows (sharply) over time.

They also mean that their tipsters will give everything for this to happen. Furthermore, they describe that their subscription services are competitive, compared to other services. In conclusion, Pro Betting Club says a bit cocky that “What you see is what you get”.

All results and bets are based on an algorithm. If you were to register at the Pro Betting Club, you will receive individual training. More about this further down. But briefly we can say that; There will be experts who will learn how and what to invest.

Their system and betting are managed by former bookmaker employees. In practice, the service works a little differently than other services. And here’s why:

  1. Pro Betting Club has both laying and backing services. 
  2. The tipsters are former bookmaker employees. 
  3. Pro Betting Club claims they got insider information.
  4. They got a bonus system.
  5. Pro Betting Club has a money back guarantee. 

As you probably know, Pro Betting Club has several different services. We have followed some of these and we will, therefore, present a summary result from these. These systems we have followed are Donkey Lays and Sequence Lays.

Return of investment

During this time, we have followed two different services. And obviously, we recommend you to do that as well, since – you should always spread your risk. However, we will go through each service and there return. First of is Sequence Lays. After 6 months of tracking: Final results are + 133 points and a return of investment:

After following Donkey Lays for 6 months, our final results are +58 points. However, the last month (May 2019) was a really bad month for this service, with -46 points. But it’s horse racing. Some months may ruin the return for a long time to come. But if you compare these different services, our recommendation is (obviously) Sequence Lays. In addition to +133 Points in those months, the service is professional and really easy to follow. 

Pro Betting Club delivers services that have everything you want. And that is, prices that are right, a high return and results that are cumulative. The risk is low, compared to other services and if you are looking for a new tipster to follow – we recommend you take a look at Pro Betting Club. And above all our personal favourite, Sequence Lay. With that said, I hope you find what you are looking for and wish you good luck.

Pro Betting Club offers several services, with different betting approaches. Try it today, with our special offer. Click on the link to find out more.

If you are interested in learning how to create your own strategies on how to make money sports betting, we can offer such guides as well.

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