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Soccerstats is a football site that provides stats for soccer from a punter perspective. Many of our followers have sent private messages to our editors asking for this Soccerstats review.


So you can say without a doubt that Soccerstats is a viral site for all types of gamblers. It is used extensively, both by professionals and novices. I have been researching Soccerstats for the past few months, and this is my conclusion about the stats site: Soccer stats offers a variety of football leagues.

I’ve never been to a website that has such a large selection. It is incredible. Of course, Soccer stats have associations such as Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2, La Liga and Serie A. But also live scores for other types of leagues that are not as popular. Within these leagues you will find information on, among other things, the latest matches played, both home and away table, goals table, clean sheets, goals etc.

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So you get enough information to be able to determine whether a bet has value. Soccerstats make it very easy, in other words. In addition to this, you can click on a particular team. Furthermore, you get the following information on Soccer stats: results for half time, score table, what types of goals were scored.

Here Soccer stats show their greatness because they present an analysis for the target types. That is if the goal was made in sub-position, in what kind of sub-position, in what minute, etc. Valuable information. Also, Soccer stats offers in-play stats, which gives detailed information on how the match situation looks.

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Short answer, yes. The site is user-friendly, and it is easy to navigate around various analyzes presented by soccerstats. However, there are many of these types of prediction sites for soccer. Soccerstats is just one of several good analytics programs, and my honest opinion is that these analytics programs have a bit more options. Especially BetBallers. But if you are only looking for a schematic and straightforward picture of what stats look like in soccer, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with Soccerstats.

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In short, the information you get from Soccerstats is valuable, and the site is easily navigated. The final clip on this analysis is that we can recommend you to test soccer stats, especially if you are new to the betting market and do not want to waste a lot of money on various soccer stats.

Then the analysis page is handy. Another factor that makes us really like Soccerstats is the volume of leagues and teams that are on their side.

There is no other analysis page that has these types of size. So, if you are interested in stats regarding slightly less watched leagues, we can recommend soccerstats. There is no other side that can compete against them there.

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