QF Value Tips Review | Final Statement

Many have tried to create a portfolio with the best horse racing tipsters – that provide returns over the long run. It is difficult. I mean there are so many tipsters out there who praise new strategies and methods. Which often results in temporary month or week-tipsters. It’s not a good outcome.

I know how easy it is to fall there, it does not require much before you start to hesitate on your sources. A bad month and you start looking for alternatives. This is something you should try to avoid. However, this review is about QF-Value tips. This service (together with the original service Quentin Frank) has been part of our portfolio for a very long time.

Therefore, it feels extra fun to write this review. QF’s style is about finding value. The tips are therefore sent out the evening before the race. The average number of tips varies, of course. But somewhere around 1-3 tips is the most common number.

Tips per day: 2
Cost: £19 / Month (£1 offer here)

The platform that QF uses is Betting goods. The tips are sent out via email. However, if you choose to subscribe to QF – do not forget to download the Betting goods application for smartphones. You will then receive notifications a few minutes earlier than the email service.

Do you make profit?

Yes, the difference between QF and Quentin Franks becomes clear in this review, as Quentin Franks has a more stable return. That is, the return grows month by month. When it comes to QF, the curve is not as straight. However, he recovers fast and delivers a return of investment over time.

And that’s what counts. Regardless – we will present two tables. The first table is based on QF and Betting gods own stats, while the other table is based on our own tracking.

Figure 1. Based on Betting gods tracking:

Return of investment: 19,09%
Points: +156
Time: 2 years

Figure 2. Based on our own tracking:

Return of investment: 18,24%
Points: +149
Time: 2 years

We are pleased with the results and hope that you also think that our results reflect an objective picture. The measured return of investment is 18.24%, which is good. Everything over 15% is good, especially over two years. It is the reason why QF has a given place in our main portfolio. Probably he will stay there for life.

Personal thoughts about QF

The man behind the service is really nice, I’ve spoken to him several times and he is always nice. You get the feeling that he really cares about his customers.

Anyway, not only because of this (mainly the results of course) QF is part of what we call our “main portfolio” which means we like this tipster very much. Therefore, I recommend you to follow him. There is currently an offer for £ 1, and you should test it. And if you do, please share a comment or rate the service. I’m sure other readers would appreciate it.

Note: if you choose to test a period with QF, make sure you can stake on bookies. Running QF on the Betfair Exchange did not prove to be as profitable.

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