Tipstrr is a betting platform where you can find tips from professional tipsters. The most popular tipster services are the horse racing tipsters. We have reviews on some of them, like HODL & Each Way Racing Algorithm. However, as stated before – Tipstrr is a gathering place for all types of sports betting. You can find everything from greyhound tipsters to football experts. This review will only include the racing tips since that’s our thing.

The Email service and application

Tipstrr has two types of services Paid & Free betting services. The free on is, just like it sounds – free of charge. Regardless if you find a paid service or a free service, the racing tips from these tipsters are published in the same way, which is: through a live feed on the Tipstrr Website & Email. Note: the racing tips on the live feed is visible through Tipstrr App, and you will receive a notification every time they post racing tips.

HODL TIpster @ Tipstrr

The service is simple and profitable. The odds are low – the average racing tips odds is 5.00 and the strike rate is 30%. What’s really interesting about HODL’S Service is the points, the man is absolutely insane – he has provided us with over 800 tips these months. Did we answer the question? Yeah, you kinda make a profit.

HODL - Racing Tips

Return of investment: 21,35%

Paid and free racing tips

As we have stated before, there are both paid and free racing tips at tipstrr. We have tested several of the racing tipsters and can warmly recommend testing their free services. However, those free services are usually only free for a while. That is, until they got enough followers and profit. This has nothing to do with Tipstrr as a site, just my experience of free horse racing tipsters.

A perfect example is HODL, who started as a free service and when he got his followers and that incredible profit – he changed his free service to a paid one. There’s nothing wrong about it, and I have no problem with paying for tips. As long as those tips are leading my portfolio into profit.


TIpstrr corrects the tips

The tipsters on Tipstrr can add any tips they want. However, tipsters can’t correct their own tips. Nor can they calculate profits/losses or their return of investment. This is done by a third party. And this is why Tipstrr is the best site for racing tips. Since there is an independent and objective part that calculates profits and losses for each tipster – there’s no cheating. We have been in the game for a long time, and I’ve seen so many racing tips “miscalculated”. That is, lost-tips-accidents. You know, when someone is calculating a loss as a win. The funny thing is that is never the other way around? Whatever, you don’t have to deal with this on Tipstrr.

Each tipster on tipstrr has a separate landing page showing a return of investment, strike rate and average odds. It makes it very easy to sort out losing tipsters and just as easy to find tipsters that make a profit. Tipstrr puts a lot of value into the long-term, as tipsters who exhibited profit over a long period of time are marketed – there are tables based on profit & how established the service is – calculating the best tipsters. Which makes it super easy to navigate through the right tipsters and just as easy to dodge the losing tipsters.

The Each Way Racing Algorithm @ Tipstrr

The Each Way Racing Algorithm is one of Tipstrr’s most reported horse racing tipster. Therefore, we tought it was convenient to write our review about The Each Way Racing Algorithm.  The Each Way Racing Algorithm

Return of investment: 16,32%


Psst … they got racing tips. And its free, I promise. 

Guide to receive the racing tips

First of all, you need to register an account at TipstrrIt’s super easy. When you register your email at the site – they will ask if you want to “Get daily free tips from professional bettors.” Click yes and enter your information. Then of course – you need to confirm the email. 

various options when it comes to racing tips

When your account is ready, there are various options to receive racing tips. One of these is to click on the “Discover” button, and then proceed to “Horse Racing”. Which leads you to a page with several options of horse tipsters. The first list will account for the recommending tipsters. These guys are recommended by the Tipstrr community. Which often correlates with good performance over time. 

Established tipsters

We recommend starting to look for new racing tips and tipsters through racing systems that actually work. The only way to know for sure is to start with the history. Although it doesn’t say everything about a tipster, it says how the person has performed. Which can provide an indicator of how stable and lucrative the service is.

There are those who only search for tipsters that are in form. But, I think it’s too risky. I want to see data before I decide to invest in something. Talking about invest, here are some horse racing tipsters that we would recommend. 

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