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UKSyndicate Review

Welcome to this UKSyndicate review, we will In this review report more in-depth on both our results and our objections to The Syndicate. To begin with, UKSyndicate is marketed through formulations such as “Putting you first”, UKSyndicate costs £ 40 a week and you are offered a 7-day trial. This trial is free.

For starters, I have objections to the price. It is ridiculous. And already here the warning bell rings. The Syndicate and other tipsters who require this much money tend to be terrible.

Instead, those tipsters that manage to make a good return with their betting don’t need not rob their followers of money; because hopefully, they have earned this money themselves. However, there is no causality. Of course, there are tipsters who demand a large payment – while also giving a solid return. However, it should be emphasized that in this review, neither UKSyndicate nor The Syndicate is one of them. These are our results.

Name:UKSyndicate / The Syndicate
Price:£40 per weak
Comment:Possible scam

I have tried to contact The Syndicate, but problems have arisen. It is impossible to get in touch with the person behind. The concluding conclusion regarding week syndicate is that other services are partly cheaper, sometimes free – but above all; better. These are top three of our list of best horse racing tipsters which can be useful:

Bet Alchemist
£1 Unique 'HTR' Trial
This offer can only be used once
24,18% Return
£30 per month

Bet Alchemist sends out the tips either the day before or the morning before various events. It is the most common method.
5.0 rating
Top Rated Value
17,2% Retrun
£29 per month

Top Rated Value sends out their tips either the day before or the morning before various races. This is the most common method.
4.8 rating
Each Way Value Tips
29,32% Return
£29 per month

£1 Trial
Each Way Value Tips sends out the tips either the day before or the morning before various races. This is the most common method.
4.8 rating

Read the full list here.

If you have your own experience regarding UKSyndicate / The Syndicate, please share it in the comments section. We have been following UKSyndicate for three months. Of course, it may be that we followed him for a bad period.

The Syndicate have some terrible reviews

However, it should be emphasized that other week syndicate reviews have come up with similar results. Also, as mentioned before: the price of week syndicate is exceptionally high. This is alarming and should be seen as a warning signal.

Furthermore, that The Syndicate does not respond to emails, spreading false reviews about itself, and that several of our readers have warned about the service are further indicators that you should beware of UKSyndicate / The Syndicate. So, with that said, I hope you find what you are looking for elsewhere. There are loads of excellent and professional tipsters. Which can both be free and at the same time give good results. It is better to focus on what works. There is an incredible number of tipsters out there. Therefore, there is no reason to hang up on people like UKSyndicate!

Good luck with your betting.

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