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Review on Tipsters!

These tipsters are tracked and checked monthly. Some pass and some do not. Learn more about the best tipsters in our reviews and see our results!

These tipsters are tracked and checked monthly. Some pass and some do not. Learn more about the best tipsters in our reviews and see our results!

You want to read our reviews to get general information about tipsters

When choosing a new tipster to follow, it is essential that the person in question can deliver results and is merely excellent. At HTR, we, therefore, do everything possible to convey the very best tipsters and various reviews. You will find all the best tipsters online and information on the best betting systems. We always have genuine and in-depth discussions of tipsters and betting systems, and you can find everything you need to know to see if that particular tipster is for you or not.

You will find no tipsters here that do not go through our criteria and all betting systems have undergone checks. And, in summary, you can say that the tipsters who have delivered returns during the time we have followed them will be approved, while some of the various betting systems will not be accepted. However, they will remain on the page, mostly to warn others about their policy. There are many scams out there; we help identify it.

All tipsters on HTR usually have licenses from good, reliable and well-known platforms

This allows you as a punter to feel extra confident that the specific betting system has been tested before and can offer safe bets. We then publish lists of various methods that we have tested. These can be found as the best horse racing tipsters and football prediction sites. So these are compilation lists that only include the absolute best tipsters out there.

Before various tipsters reach our leaderboards, these have thus been tested and received in-depth reviews. The reason is that we want to be sure of our cause before publishing tipsters on these pages.

Furthermore, our reviews are objective insofar as we have no primary profit interest. We make our money on betting, and HTR is only a small part of our income. However, there are some collaborations with various tipsters, yet there is no reason for us to publish a tipster that does not deliver results on our site.
Instead, various tipsters usually ask us to do a review on them. Then they are fully aware that they can deliver poor results which will send them straight into the freezer. At the same time, as good results can send them up on our lists.