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Our goal is to provide an objective and independent image of horse racing tipsters. In order to share such a perspective, we believe that own measurement methods are required. This means that every tipster review on this page is based on our own tracking.

We have searched the web over the best horse racing tipsters – which includes tipsters on Twitter, Tipstrr & Betting gods and other independent services. Each and every review on our site has been rated after our three variables: Profit, Risk and Time..


Horse Tipsters Review has spent years researching horse tipsters, as well as analyzing and testing different services. With the goal to provide objective content and to recommend the best tipsters out there. This means we do the hard work, and we lose the money during bad periods.

We do all this so that you don’t have to. And, sometimes we make money if you purchase the services we recommend. However, this will not affect the way we write and frame our reviews.

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horse tipster TRACKING

Hands down to the best way to actually find good horse tipsters; you track them! Following Horse Tipsters is an increasingly popular way to find that extra income. But that extra income could be long gone if you follow the wrong tipster.

That’s why we keep track of the horse racing tipsters for you. When you find a good tipster, it’s probably the easiest and most fun method to make money online. Whether you want to improve your finances or just looking for an extra income, you have come to the right place. 

Betting competition

If you are eager to find the best tipsters you have to let them compete. Someday you don’t have to worry about who to follow –  if you take control of it right now. We have created pages and rankings, one of those ranks the best horse racing tipsters.

We call it our Main portfolio, some horse racing tipsters are easier to follow than others, and some are making more money. The money-making or profit, are not correlated with rank.  Number one on that list is Tipstrr’s Free Daily tips. We have added other values in our measurements, like risk and time. You can read more about it here. 

Racing tips

Horse Tipsters Review is a review platform, however, we are also giving daily racing tips. Those racing tips are proven systems that will increase profit.

The racing tips come from paid tipsters, which means that the racing tips are based on independent sources. We recommend all of our followers to drop the gambling out of horse racing tips, instead think about horse racing as an investment. Which means that instead of trying out different tipsters, day after day – to make a quick buck, you should think long-term.

Don’t get enticed by horse racing tipsters who tell you there racing tips will make you rich. Study the results, the return – the bog. If you want to read more about our daily horse racing tips, you can find a link here.

Best horse racing tipsters

Choose good horse racing tipsters with solid returns and excellent records. We have created a list over the best horse racing tipsters out there. If you follow these service wisely, you will see profit over time.

Racing tips

Todays Racing Tips: Every day the page is updated with the last horse racing results and today’s tips. Racing Today and the tips presented comes from various sources!

Request horse racing tipsters

You can become involved!

Share your view or other necessary information that you have received through your time as a punter. Remember, there is no difference between you and us – except that we share our experiences. Suggest a horse racing tipster that you think we should start tracking – just get in touch and we will get back to you! 


Horse Tipsters reviews goal is to enable you to make the best investments. I’ll be honest, that’s not the whole truth. I myself who run this review betting site are looking to find good investment, that is, find the best betting systems.

We simply help each other. However, you can actually help me too! Under some reviews you can find affiliate links. These are carefully marked.

There is always an affiliate link and a regular one (If you find something else, feel free to let me know). If you use my affiliate links, I get some pocket money. Enough to allow me time to work with the site.

Anyway, our goal is to provide you with the best information about horse racing systems out there. Which tipsters actually work. There are loads of professional tipsters out there who are ready to get their verdict.

Check backs or feedback with betting systems, the idea is not to test a tipster and then go back to… well what it is you should return to. No, rather, my reviews are about finding betting systems that – work – which means feedback. This usually happens over time, as my horse racing reviews mainly consist of people I genuinely care about. Which, in practice, means it’s the tipsters I have in my personal portfolio.


What do we mean by the main portfolio? It’s pretty simple really. When we do research and reviews as a result of these – we always find tipsters that we genuinely believe in.

Usually based on a couple of month’s return. In practice, this means two things. First, these are professional tipsters that I personally pay, follow and place bets as a result. Second, these top tipsters are listed on their own tab here on horse tipsters review. Which we call Best Horse Racing Tipsters.

why choose horse tipsters review?

 We want to give you as a punter the best tools for creating good investments and a tax-free income from betting. Our reviews aim to take advantage of and include all different perspectives and aspects in relation to various betting systems.

Which works, which doesn’t. Why don’t they work? And so on. We, therefore, work hard to give an objective impression and constantly come back and test the same betting services again, and again. We do this so that we can convey a correct picture of reality.

Our reviews can thus be seen as a helping hand. If you are thinking about which tipsters to choose, or if you have already identified a tipster but are a little unsure – you can look through our results.


Approved betting sites

In search of betting systems, we have gone through just about everything that the internet has to offer. During this trip, we have come across different types of betting sites that we have stuck to. These pages have their own reviews and hence their own evaluations.

You can read more about Betting God’s and Tipstrr if you like. These have undergone a series of tests. Most often reported in specific reviews based on Tipsters found on these pages.

Thus, it is mainly an individual performance that determines an overall rating for the entire betting page. Thus, how accurate their measurement methods are or whether the data, in general, that is reported is actually correct.

There are many betting systems and sites out there that manipulate their data. If you are not sure who to trust out there, then my tip is that you look through our reviews.

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We strongly recommend you to follow our service on Twitter, since that is the platform that is most accurate in terms of speed and clarity.